Thursday, September 06, 2012

My five year old's first violin lesson


Last week, my five year old had her first violin lesson.

Isabella was perfectly fine.

I was the one who was very nervous. Since Isabella's teacher uses the Suzuki method, my participation in her lesson(s) and practices is crucial. Was I absorbing all I was supposed to? Was I taking the sort of notes I needed? What in the world am I doing?

In the space of half an hour, she learned at least five things she was supposed practice daily. That both of us were to practice, together, daily. She had to practice bowing correctly, which involved holding the violin and bow properly in one hand, keeping the other hand dropped to the side of her body, taking a deep bow, and holding her bow for at least three seconds. That was one of the easier things to do. Identify the parts of the violin. Work on five rhythms. Using a card board tube and stick inside of it, practice "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." The hardest activity, by far, which she was to practice doing correctly 10 times a day, was to practice a bow hold. Every finger has it's proper place on the bow. If anything is out of place, she could potentially sound like she's chasing swine when she's playing.

We made it past our first week's lesson and our first week's practice.


We also had our second week's lesson.

Much to work on as a prelude to moving music.

Isabella learned to identify the strings: E, A, D, G. Need to refine the bow hold some more. Learned more regarding rhythms. Was shown and need to practice how the violin sits against the jaw, on the shoulder. Learning to maintain the bow hold through a length of time and movement.


Isabella's teacher knows what she's doing, a reasonable pace to go, how to work with a smaller child, what to expect, and how to challenge the child (and mother!!).

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