Friday, December 30, 2011

And no one was crying

I promised my mother-in-law I'd attempt to get pictures taken.

In the end, this involved driving to an appointment that was made before a snow storm started and a few days after the storm, bringing the children's Christmas clothing to the studio, getting everyone dressed, pleading with the older two to stay put and not make faces, convincing the younger two to not cry, oh never mind.

Anyways, I should let go the fact that my cardigan wasn't sitting the way I wanted it to in the photograph, or that I seemed to be slouching, or that everyone looks cute and darling except for me.



Thank you, Jesus, for what you did for us. And I'm not talking about the photographs. I'm talking about your sacrifice.

Christmas blessings and goodness

Seeing my girls perform.


We went, even though it was butt cold outside and the roads were a bit icy. They had much fun; I had much fun.


My babies. Oh wait. They're now the two older/oldest siblings. Still, the girls are my babies, nonetheless.

And then there were the school Christmas parties.


After being asked nearly every day of this month whether that particular day was Christmas or when Christmas would arrive, Christmas Eve came.


One of my girls is into dinosaurs, which invariably means another is now interested, too.

And then came Christmas. Finally. They wore new clothes, and they ripped through presents. But, remind them, I did, that without this being a very, very special day (Jesus's birthday), we would have no presents.


And then, we said good night.


My friends.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Alesana's Hat giveaway

Photograph taken by Brittany Baker

The maker of this exquisite little hat, Brittany Baker, has donated this as a giveaway prize. There are two conditions for being entered into the (random) drawing for this hat:

1. visit Brittany Baker's etsy shop: Brookeleigh Grace.
2. leave a comment on this blog post, sharing your favorite Brittany creation.

The opportunity to be entered into a drawing for this hat ends on Sunday, December 11, 2011, at 11:59 Pacific Time. Only one entry per person; don't make me open a can of whoop on you for not abiding by that. If you recommend someone else to this blog post and they enter, you may have an extra entry into the drawing. I am willing ship anywhere, I believe, not just within the United States.
I plan on announcing the winner by Monday afternoon.


Tis the season of giving; billions of dollars projected to be spent this holiday season says so.

I am motivated to help support local effort, instead of buying stuff made in some third world country where we might not know who is making the stuff (a child?) or whether that person has a choice in the matter (forced labor?).

Brittany's creations are excellent gift ideas, and the prices are affordable. Treat your child(ren) to these handmade creations. She plans on making hats for little boys as well. If you have any hat or hair accessory ideas that you'd like to see made, but are not on her etsy site, I'd encourage you to contact her. Or buy some gifts for friends or family with little ones. And, support a family's efforts!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Advent season

This past Sunday was the beginning of Advent, and I had intended on beginning a series of postings regarding Advent that Sunday, the 13th. Didn't have a chance to get that done. . .

This season is about celebrating the coming of Christ. There are two events, so to speak, that are celebratory, regarding the coming of Christ: his birth and his imminent return. I have had multiple conversations with my 5 year old and 3 year old about Jesus Christ and believing in him. I've kept the dialogue age appropriate, leaving out discussions of theology, abstract ideas, and the like. We've talked about the birth of Jesus, baby Jesus, Jesus's death and resurrection, Jesus coming back a second time.

The 5 yr old has said, on multiple occasions, that she believes in Jesus. The 3 yr old, following suit, has also claimed believing in Jesus. Both have reiterated that Jesus isn't here (but in heaven), and he's coming back one more time. We've discussed Jesus coming back one more time; and if we really do believe in him, we will go with him and always be with him.

My girls (the older two children) have insisted that they do believe in Jesus and we will join Jesus some day. Isabella talks about taking a few things she enjoys, such as Henry, with her.

Sometimes, as adults, we, I, have gotten lost in the heavy, theoretical or abstract theological debates. I appreciate the simple reminder: the Lord will return. I look forward to that day; that will be a day of celebration.