Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vote for Victoria in a Parents Magazine photo contest, please?!

Parents Magazine*, online, has a cover (photo) contest. I entered four (now five) photographs I took of Victoria. All but one of the ten (in other words, nine) finalists are chosen by a panel of judges. One finalist is chosen by Parents Magazine readers/online visitors. This one finalist is chosen from "weekly Reader's Choice finalists." I was surprised to get an e-mail from Parents.com notifying me that one of the photographs I had taken of Victoria was in the running for this week's "weekly Reader's Choice finalists." But, the photograph winning this week is contingent on how many votes get cast in our favor, over and against other contenders.

Long story short, will you take some time to vote for this photograph? You can vote at least once a day, each day this week. Also? I'm told you can vote 2x or more per day.

This is the photograph in the running:

  • Click on my vote now icon.
  • Then it will take you to the above picture, posted on Parents Magazine's website.
  • Below the image of the photograph should be a "vote for me" icon. Mine was pink. Click on that.
  • Finally, it will ask for some sort of word verification (type in whatever word(s) it asks you to type, right below the printed word(s)), to ensure you're a real human being, not just some sort of automaton.
  • Your vote is then submitted. You can share this link via facebook, twitter, or e-mail, if you like.

Thank you for your vote(s), favor, and time. Again you can vote more than 1x per day, every day this week. If you favor this photograph, vote, vote, vote!



* Parents Magazine, besides my entries in the photography contest, has no idea who I am. I am not be paid or being given any compensation to endorse or advertise for them. It's just me, promoting a photograph I took of my baby.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, daddy


This is my daddy on my wedding day, nearly nine years ago. As far back as I can remember, I didn't call him father, dad, or pa. Have always called him 'Daddy' or 'Ba ba' (the latter is Mandarin for dad, as you have probably guessed).

I come from a rather private family, but I feel a nudge to post something about my daddy today. I am proud of him as a father and proud to be his daughter. For someone who was robbed, at a very early age, of a chance to have a role model for how a dad is supposed to be, I believe he has done quite well as a father and as a daddy. I have loads of appreciation, gratitude, and love for my mommy, too; but, since this is Father's Day, Daddy gets the spot light today.

At the tender age of 4 1/2, roughly the current age of my older daughter, behind his car in the garage, I pleaded with daddy to let me take piano lessons. And he let me. I continued taking lessons for well over a decade and have the ability to play; thanks to him. So many times, he would simply sit in the room where I was practicing piano and listen. I learned practical responsibilities from him, such as cooking; and it was from my daddy that the seed for the love and art of cooking began to grow. Daddy didn't completely give up on my academic desires, even though there seemed to be plenty of evidence to the contrary; I was allowed to attend my undergraduate school of choice, even though the odds seemed stacked against me. Daddy modeled for me responsibility to the community, looking out for others, and helping others. He expected nothing less from my sister and me than to become responsible, dependable people.

I could go on, but tears will be shed and children in my house will wreak havoc.

Only recently have I been recently that my dad has left big shoes to fill for other dads. That being said. . .

Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

I love you very, very much.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Rising up to the Challenge and Heat

Yesterday morning was supposed to be a fun filled last morning with my mom before she was to go home in the wee hours prior to dawn today. Just stopped by the gas station to get some gas, and on a whim, decided to give the vehicle a thorough inside out cleaning. What was supposed to be harmless and quick ended being somewhat of a disaster, a fiasco, a drag.

An hour or so the people at this car wash took to thoroughly clean my car left it with a completely dead battery. Dead. In their favor, I will say that they jump started the vehicle, with a bit of effort. By the time all was said and done, my purpose in getting the girls out to the playground early in the morning was defeated; temps were already in the lower 90'sm too hot to be running around on a playground.

Took the girls and A-ma home and took the vehicle for a long run to charge the battery. Took a couple of runs on the interstate to get it up to a high speed, without any stops at traffic lights. Spent an hour, with the windows open and the air conditioning off, charging the battery in the unkind heat. Came back to the house with 50+ miles added, sweaty and exhausted, and the head lights still on even with the keys removed. Argh. Still more to figure out.

By afternoon, I figured out the problem with the headlights being on; how to get the temperature and time to come back on; and how to secure the alarm/security system in the vehicle. A victory for getting my vehicle back into working form, but exhaustion in exchange for the unplanned event. Thank goodness my mom was around to keep the girls and for comfort.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Life and Blogging Without my Digital SLR Camera


Without photographic representation.

Lacking momentary captures.

Missing dramatic colorfulness in a glimpse or frame.


Just plain sad.


Not any digital camera is satisfactory, I must say. And, that's not just coming from a photographic snob (though I likely qualify as one. Digital cameras that don't have SLRs perpetually disappoint, require the subject to freeze for more than a moment, more than a few seconds, more than most can handle.


Place on my doorstep a Canon Digital SLR camera (or some other comparable sort) that works, that doesn't plan on taking early retirement, that will perform faithfully and dutifully until . . . well, never mind. A quality macro lens (not to be mistaken for a zoom lens, please) would be nice as well. On my doorstep. Thank you, loyal patrons.

The End.