Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tasty fun

We started our festivities, yesterday, going to the Littleton Historic Museum and a local shopping center. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves, Victorian Victoria and fairy Isabella.


My girlies. Such sweetness. Especially when they're not yelling at each other or punching each other.

Isabella is an adventurer. Except when the adventure involves face-to-face encounters with running vacuum cleaners. Or anything else that is motor powered, that plugs into a wall, or is battery powered.

And Victoria, well, let's just say that my biceps are quite sore from yesterday's fun. Mommy carrying Victoria most of the time = my body in full rebellion mode.

At the shopping center, the girls LOVED collecting candy and Isabella wanted a bunch of the costumes other people were wearing. I kid you not.

Hope you've had an enjoyable, laughable, merry day, too.

The girls and I participated in a trunk or treat at our church, complete with DJed music, games, and loads of candy. It was butt cold outside, and that didn't seem to bother anyone but me. Oh, and after awhile, Victoria got tired of walking and wanted Mommy to carry her. What? Oh yes, that title belongs to me; Victoria wants me to hold her. Um, got it. I think.

Good night. Love, sleepy, drop dead Mommy.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Autumn festivities

Miss us much? Did you cry, because you missed us so much? Wanted to offer me coffee or a Starbucks gift card for consolation? Just kidding on the last bit there.

Sorry for the super long, seeming ever lasting hiatus. Life, well, has been a doozy and a roller coaster adventure. To say the least. And well, I've been over-my-head and way-over-the-top busy. My hiatus wasn't just from blogging, but it was from picture taking as well.

But, I am back. And, I went photograph taking crazy. My caffeine intake took me to all kinds of heights today: raking loads and loads of leaves, studying for a quiz and taking it online, doing several loads of laundry, washing dishes - all on top of taking care of the children. And, I was more relaxed today. . . encouraging the girls to play in the leaves I had worked so hard to rake together. Followed by picture taking madness.


My older daughter, Isabella, had Fall Festival at her preschool; and she elected to have a butterfly painted on her face. Oh, the distance she has come, in conquering her fears and anxiety. She also acquired the pumpkin in her lap from a scavenger hunt at her school.


I could be totally biased, but I think my girls are so very cute.

Can you really argue otherwise?

Leaves, leaves, leaves. EVERYWHERE.


Photograph courtesy of my hubby.

Just in case you were wondering, my two favorite seasons are autumn and spring.

Remember to play, okay?

Okay, I luv ya. Bub-bye. (Where did I pawn that line?)