Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful pendant blunder, whose life was entirely too short

Got a package today from a dear friend of mine; thank you, thank you. Thank you very much. Enclosed were some cute and darling little dresses and shoes that made Isabella's eyes pop out with excitement. Sorry darling; the sizes indicate they are for Victoria. But, there were two brand new, matching outfits in there: one for Isabella and one for Victoria. Ooh, and butterfly wings on the back of the shirts. Renewed excitement in Isabella's eyes.

At the bottom of the box was a little bag of two exquisite goodies for me (for ME!): a flower (lily?) pendant necklace and ring. Both the necklace and the ring are made of glass, and the pendant did not fare the fragile journey without marked wounds. See from the photograph.

My heart danced with excitement as I laid my eyes on the two pieces: the pendant and the ring, such vivid colors, such personalities, such beauty. Alas, I couldn't wrap my head around how to rescue the pendant from it's traveling plunder and no longer any way to hang the pendant, but how my eyes are fixed upon it's beauty and radiance. Any suggestions? I would love to still wear that pendant somehow.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little mansion for the girls for such a good deal

Yesterday, before heading to the Children's Museum as a family, we went to a few garage sales. Saw something I couldn't pass up . . . More on that later. This needed cleaning up, and the clean freak I am, I did some thorough cleaning as soon as I got the stuff home.

Here's the back of the toy mansion.

Here's the front.

Here's what the back looks like when opened.

Let's look at the inside somewhat greater detail - the balcony from the inside, the kitchen, a sitting room (or reading room), the entry way.

Let's look at the balcony and front door from the outside, shall we? Do you see the mailbox on the right hand side of the door? My 3 1/2 year old pointed out and discussed that with me today. Are you impressed, yet?

She wanted $10 for the toy mansion/house. As much of a penny pincher as I've become, I wasn't quite sold on the house, yet. But she threw in some other stuff.

Are you ready?

She was also giving this stable.

And a box FULL of all these little goodies. She let us keep the blue IKEA bin to store all those toys.

For all that, I felt bad trying to barter her down on the price. Seemed like a reasonable deal. I mean, look at everything we got. I'm pretty sure she spent 10x the amount she charged us for ALL THAT STUFF.

Happy Christmas in June, girls.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family photo ops

Family photos - whether it's the four of us, one side of the family or the other. On the last night my side of the family was in town, we attempted a family photo. It was after dinner, the kids were a bit restless, and well, this just makes me laugh.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rendered speechless and moved to tears

I'm more accustomed and comfortable with being a giver, rather than being a receiver. By a long shot. But, recent circumstances, such as Troy's hospitalization with strep pneumonia, have ushered me into the receiving role and given me fond appreciation of how much people actually care about us and what people are willing to do for us.

On the back of Father's Day occurring recently, I would like to draw attention to one of these givers: my dad. Here he is, on the far right of this photograph.


Though my dad has plenty of grandchildren (four of them, three of whom are pictured above) to spoil, but he still loves on and takes care of his two daughters. Despite or in spite of the fact that my sister and I are each married and have children of our own, he continues to look after us. I don't mean a mere call or voice of care and concern. I mean, the morning Daddy was due to come see us, he woke up early to pick loads of vegetables from his garden, carefully pack the stuff in his suitcase(s), and haul them half way across the country.

I am rendered speechless and am moved to tears.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The last night, out

My parents, sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew came this past Friday for a visit. Unfortunately, this visit is drawing to a close; and everyone returns to their respective abodes in the morning.

My sister and I decided that, since we all get together bi-annually, we would celebrate upcoming birthdays after dinner out together. My sister looked on the internet for good places to go. Upon an attempt to make a reservation at a restaurant upon which we had our hearts set, Wild Ginger, we found out it was closed for renovations. Our next choice was Damascus Grill and settled on that with a reservation. The "upcoming" birthdays in chronological succession are: my sister's, mine, Isabella's, my brother-in-law's, and my dad's. Tenny (my sister) and I decided we'd celebrate with decadent cupcakes after dinner.

We went to this bakery to secure our celebratory feast.

I had no idea that this place was within walking distance of home.

Wow. So many temptations looking so delicious. My littler on couldn't hide her curiosity and interest. Standing not far behind her is my dear sister.

Walking, walking away with our goodies.


Onwards to dinner we went, with the whole kit and kaboodle. The Damascus Grill serves Middle Eastern food. I couldn't be more thrilled. It's been too long since I've had my dose of Middle Eastern food. A couple of sweet folks joined us in our little feast: Ashley and Mike.

How we kept four children three and under entertained whilst waiting for food is beyond me. On my end of the table, from whence I took photographs, entertainment consisted of, but was not limited to: biting and chewing on the plastic table cloth (ewww, what kind of chemicals have been sprayed on that? what sort of germs are on that thing?), yelling for the salt and pepper shakers, tossing sugar packages, stabbing with forks, eating loads and loads of heavenly, freshly-made pita bread.

Look at the ceiling. Love the light fixtures and the ceiling covers.

After dinner, we headed home, where I attempted to take as many decent photographs of everyone, especially the little ones, as possible, quickly. Very quickly.

Juliet and Isabella. Cousins. Merely 9 days apart in age.

Here are the four children, ages three and under, that stayed at my house for four nights and five days.

The lovely group of little ones with A-ma and A-gong.


Please, please don't go, yet. Everyone brought so much personality and life to this house.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A sweet-faced trouble-maker getting away with murder, I mean, Henry


Maybe, just maybe, I didn't stop Victoria, because she turned 25 months old (yes, yes, I'm aware that most people stop counting by months after the kiddo reaches 2 years of age). Do you see what she's holding? Isabella's dearly beloved HENRY. That's right, stolen contraband. Ruh row if big sister finds out.

Victoria's got the sweet, I-am-not-capable-of-doing-anything-wrong face down pat. Here are our darlings:


They both got haircuts today, for more details on that adventure, click here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Passing the time by, more like, time flying by us and laughing

Long gone are the days where I had so much time on my hands and little responsibilities or stuff to do. Seemingly, with each passing year, time just flies by like a tornado.

Wait, I need to take a drink. With yesterday's promotional prices at Jamba Juice, we pretty much got three for the price of one. Yay!


It's been four and a half years since I got pregnant with our first child. This child.

Over three years since I defended my dissertation. What? Nearly two years since we moved to Colorado? Huh?

As of yesterday, a month has passed since my second child celebrated two years of being in this world.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pensiveness, play, and plenty

Silence has rung in the vicinity, and that isn't a lack for thought of you or consideration for all, friends and family. I've been rather involved in a different way - being pensive, introspecting, working through circumstances. My personality is nearly equally split between being an extrovert and being an introvert. I haven't had much to say that's expressible in words, so there's been a lot of quiet on the blog front and in general. However, I have also been careful to socialize and get out there; hibernation has never been good for me.

I'm slowly rearing my head back upwards.

I do my best to take the girls out daily, so they can enjoy the great outdoors, stretch their legs and imagination, and be children. My darling, my first born, Isabella grows into more of a little lady every day, full of thoughts, stories, and stuff to do.


My younger one, Victoria, loves to follow her sister but is gradually carving out her own path. Curious and a bit more daring, she explores the world.

Isabella is growing up ever so fast. She wants to ride all the things that are still big for her - cars, much larger bicycles.


Align Center

Isabella, a mere few weeks ago, wasn't interested in animal costumes. Now? She's quite intrigued.


Loads of other stuff for which to be spoken besides pensiveness and play.

I am ever thankful for the wonderful friends/baristas at Starbucks that love and bless my children with treats.


What else have we been up to? I, for one, am experimenting with stuff I've not made previously. Pad Thai.


That's right folks, that's not a restaurant purchase. This was made by yours truly. Pad Thai. Interested? Here is my recipe. My first attempt, I guess, wasn't bad. I made roughly 10 servings worth, and it was gone within 24 hours. Not one morsel left. Just ask my husband.

We also made chocolate chip cookies as a family. Well, by "we," I mean Troy and the girls did most of the stirring and mixing; I did the clean up and the baking.


More details here if you're interested.

Oh, and as for my love for photography, I didn't cease to capture interesting opportunities such as this one:

Worry not. No harm came to this little one. The flinch was only momentary.

And I made these for the first time ever. Mozzarella sticks. More details here. Like the kind you get in the restaurant. First time was an instant success.

The second time I made them, the next day, not the same story. But, we won't talk about that now.

And my lovely favorite drink at Starbucks lately. Iced White Mocha Americano. Did I mention "lovely" already? It's a lovely drink. A temporary pick me up that does wonders. Did you know that Starbucks is working on a dealio where friends or whomever can load or add to someone else's Starbucks card? Interesting.

And, this, too, is a lovely drink. Kefir yogurt. Has all those healthy little bacteria that's great for you. The girls and I LOVE this stuff. Not all grocery stores carry this, but my fav - Sunflower Farmer's Market - carries it!

It's nearly a quarter after 9 pm, which is past my bedtime. The end.

P.S. We did make that run to Jumba Juice as a family and took advantage of their $1 super food fruit smoothies. The girls, wow, couldn't drink it fast enough.