Saturday, October 10, 2009

Party time

Well, with this posting, I am officially caught up. For now. A chunk of Saturdays is set aside for family time, and, with the girls so young, our choice of activity always revolves around them. I don't suppose they would happily cooperate with a challenging hike or a visit to an art museum. Given that today's high was 28 degrees (with ice on the roads and snow falling), outdoor activities weren't the best idea.

Here's what Isabella & Henry had to say.

Time to party, Elmo style. We went to the Southwest Plaza Mall, where there is a pet store. Both girls enjoyed looking at cats and dogs. Victoria seemed more interested in wandering, walking, and running; but the Asian store across from the pet store did catch her attention. Here they are, in that store, playing with dangly thingies people sometimes hang from thresholds.

Then, I suggested to Troy that we head to Babies R Us, where there is a car with Elmo and Abby in it. By the time we got there, Victoria was fast asleep, so he drove around for a bit while Isabella had herself a fantastic time. Entertainment for free! I didn't slop any money into that machine and Isabella seemed plenty content.

The only way I was able to successfully tear Isabella away and convince her to go to the car, without a screaming fit, was trading one pleasure for another. Henry's at home waiting for her. Willingly she obliged. Whew. Another day gone. Guten nacht.

Troy's parents' visit and Colorado Springs

I am so far behind in picture posting. Yep. Sorry folks. Life has been crazy dizzy busy, and that is a gross understatement. Looking back through these pictures, I had a OH NO moment. Troy's parents came for a visit, and I didn't get any pictures of them on camera. What the crap? Their visit was a huge deal; this was the first time Troy's dad got to see Victoria in person. Sorry folks.

They came for a lovely five day visit, stayed with us and did everyday stuff with us. Troy took them to a park and the Columbine Memorial on a Saturday, while I was at a mandatory Practicum orientation. Sunday, August 30th, we played hooky from church (shock and disapproving shaking of the head) to take them to Colorado Springs, where we all went the Garden of the Gods and Pike's Peak for the first time. Took the cog rail up to Pike's Peak, a one and a half hour journey one way. Here we are, at the beginning of the journey.

En route to the top of Pike's Peak.

We had 20-30 minutes at the top of Pike's Peak before we had to begin our descent back down on the cog rail. It's 30-something at the top year-round.

A picture from the Garden of the Gods.
We miss

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Busy growing up too fast

There are days, where one day runs into the next - with three meals and two snacks to deliver per day, countless diapers to change, loads of laundry to be done, food to make, dishes to wash - just to name a few things. Discerning whether puddles on the floor are water or pee; that can be rather adventurous, too. The days can be seem long and without end. But then, changes come so quickly and at time furiously, I am sometimes sad that my girls are already showing signs of moving past toddlerhood. Wait a minute, how is that possible?! My younger daughter converted from crawling to walking exclusively not that long ago, and now she wants to do so many big girl things?


I promised Isabella that on her birthday, she could start sleeping on the twin bed, and oftentimes she makes that choice to sleep there. Well, she'd prefer to sleep on Mommy's bed with Mommy and Daddy, but that's not an option we're willing to entertain at this point.


Victoria is more adventurous than Isabella or I ever was as a toddler, but she still plays cautiously. Here is the one time, during this trip to the park, she chose to go down the slide on her own. Of course I was at the other end to catch her, and I'm glad I was, since she went down fast and furiously.


Last Saturday, when we took trip number 3504549350 to the Denver Zoo, given Victoria's track record for walking loads (she's given up crawling for the most part), I had a feeling she wouldn't want to just sit in the stroller. And right I was. She kept asking to get down, so she could walk, walk, walk. It wasn't even so much the animals that interested her as it was the opportunity to walk back and forth, sometimes running.


What else? I've been trying to figure out ways to get Victoria to drink more cow's milk. For a little while, giving her the chance to break away from the sippy cup and drink from the straw worked. Now? She wants to drink straight out of the cup - with no lid and no straws. She kind of still lacks the coordination for doing that, but, what can I do? She wants to be a big girl now. My 16 month old wants to be a big girl!