Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cows, turkeys, and goats; that is the way to go

Sometimes everyday day is a turkey day. Gobble, gobble. My friend Lynette took the girls and me to the Littleton Historical Museum. We didn't spend so much time in the museum. Instead, we visited the two farms that were part of the place, both dating in the late 1800's. Most exciting? All the animals. Yep.

These guys (turkeys, that is) were hard to photograph. They were barricaded on all sides with pieces of wood that were stationed close together. Wasn't sure what was protecting whom. They seemed really interested in us, though.

Below is what they used to "refrigerate" perishable goods, long before refrigerators existed. Wanted to take a look inside but there was a pad lock on it. Guess it might be a safety hazard if people get locked inside.

This little brown lamb had gotten outside the fence, and it kept trying to reconnect with it's mama. Where ever it traveled, it's mom would follow along as best as she could. By the time the lamb reconnected with its mommy, it was famished.

Speaking of famished, I mean, fatigued, here's a sleeping babe in our midst.

Below is the style of house where people used to live. No offense to those who lived during those times, but I would have been miserable in a huge way if I had to live during those times. Oh, and the bathroom is outside. I don't even want to imagine dipping out in the middle of the night, in my house coat, to go to the bathroom in the dead of winter. I can imagine getting my housecoat dirty before even getting to the out house, treading in dirt and snow. Great.

Here's Lynette, my saving grace for the day. I had Oliver, the lovely little boy you see in the front of the stroller ALL day, and I did not want to imagine what it would have been like to have three children, two and under, who are very energetic and super curious, indoors all day long. Without Lynette's help, I would not have dared venture out on my own with three babies. Oh, by the way, someone said that the goose sitting on top of the pavilion was nesting something or other underneath her and the goose next to her was standing guard. Can neither confirm or deny that; couldn't see what was going on up there.

I just liked the flower arrangement in front of this house that was built in the 1980's, which was meant to simulate some homes in the late 1880's. Now, the inside of this house, I dug much more than the inside of the house I saw earlier (a picture of the outside of the house was earlier in the post), but the outhouse thing just wouldn't work with me.

I need a stroller to sit in when I'm exhausted and have someone chauffeur me around, too.

Confession, I am SO glad I wasn't raised on a farm. Again, I am not knocking farmers or those who live farm style lives. I am just not a farm girl. Although, I was known, at the age of eight, to want to take a cow home with me from Taiwan. And, I've tried my hand at milking a cow as well as goats.
This cow is pregnant. Wouldn't have known had a groundskeeper not told me. Well, okay, her udders look HUGE. That's a dead give away, but her belly does not look all that big comparatively to me. Dude, there was no mistaken pregnancy when I was expecting. Towards the end of my pregnancies, especially my second one, some people asked whether I was having more than one. Sheez. Thanks a lot, people.

Chickens anyone? Apparently some peacocks found them good company.

Some more evidence that Victoria and I were actually there, as well. Thanks Lynette.

My only photograph, to date, capturing a peacock in mid flight. I had no idea that the back end feathers are completely for show (catching the female's attention and, you know, affections of certain sorts), not for flight, until I took this photograph. That's all folks.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Party baby style!

Lately I've heard that a lot of people are sick of the snow here in Colorado. After all, it is nearly May. How come it snowed as recently as the day before yesterday? Some are saying enough already.

Those who know me well are aware that I am no Pippy Longstocking. I'm not one of those people who are cheery ALL THE TIME, so much so that others roll their eyes at the attitude. That being said, I am perfectly fine with the sporadic, unpredictable snow. Seriously folks. At least we're not in a part of the country where the sky is gray all the time. I'll take this sort of weather any time. And? Temps hit the 70s a few days after that morning snow.

What else makes me a freak? Well, every single other Denver Seminary student I've heard talk cannot wait until classes are over for the semester? Me? I could keep going. What else makes me a weirdo? I don't fall asleep in class, I don't facebook or surf the net in class. I give the profs. my undivided attention and enjoy and soak in everything they have to say. We don't have to stop there. I can think of plenty more that will qualify me as an outcast. The seminary's been giving counseling licensure students a survey on what the seminary should do down the road to maintain the CACREP accredidation. The long short of renewing the CACREP in 2012 is that more counseling courses will be required. The survey asks whether we should increase the number of hours (and hence courses) necessary for graduation or cut some theology classes. I've heard loads of people in favor of cutting theology classes. I've heard people say as a matter of fact, what is the point in taking all those boring theology classes? Are you kidding me? What's the point of getting a counseling licensure degree at a seminary if we're not going to take theology classes. I'm thinking the people who voted in favor of cutting theology classes really haven't had life experiences where the deeper parts of their faith have been questioned or tested. Boring? I say not. I look forward to the challenges of studying biblical interpretation, theology, New Testament, and Old Testament material. That is a crucial reason for choosing to go to a seminary in the first place!

Anyways, I had a beautiful day. Everything was just right. Had Group Experience at 7:30 this morning, and didn't sleep through the alarm clock. Enjoyed a bit of time with the family before getting my one coffee a week before my other two classes this afternoon. It gets better. Really. Troy, Isabella, Victoria, and I walked to a nearby park, and we totally enjoyed fabulous company, gorgeous weather, and fun - baby style.

Today was Victoria's first time on the swing, and she was having a blast, along with her sister.

Victoria was giggling and laughing SO HARD the first little while.

Then I set Victoria in the grass for something else new. New texture, not at all like the bare floor or carpet she knows so well. After about five minutes, she had had enough and wanted her mommy.

Struggled to get any pictures of the girls looking at me or the camera simultaneously. Oh well. At least they were having a good time and were fascinated by everything around them.

There are a couple of horseys at this playground.

Poor, poor Isabella. She wanted to stay longer. But, we assured the both of them we would come back again. Daddy had to get ready to go to work - teach at the seminary.

This is one of my favorite pictures. The picture is worth a thousand words, and Troy's love and attentiveness towards Isabella is so obvious.

And here are our little munchkins. . .in the souped out stroller Diana and Tracy got for us before we left Texas.

I'd say we all had a fabulous time at the park, darling. Wouldn't you?

Last thought, kind of random. I've got to get pictures of me in, too. Otherwise the girls might think I was never there; the price photographers and moms pay, I guess.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The home

Took these pictures this morning. And, yes, it's been snowing here. That's Colorado spring weather for you!

Here's what you see when you walk in the front door of the house. The house was already staged for showing, before she received our offer. So, we do not get the furniture with it.

A different view of the living room. There are actually two windows in the corner, the one on the left corner's hard to see.

More views of the living room.

Below is a picture of the upstairs bathroom. Both bathrooms in the house have been completely redone.

Below is bedroom #1.

Below are a couple of pictures of bedroom #2.

Here's the entry into the kitchen from the corner of the living room.

The counters are granite countertops. Right past the counter top, to the right of the table, is a door to the outside, a door to the garage, and behind the counter are stairs to the basement.

New cabinetry and new appliances. I've never had a self-cleaning oven before.

This is what you see when you first reach the bottom of the stairs.

The downstairs bedroom.

Another view of the downstairs open floor.

Here's the downstairs bathroom. It's considered a 3/4 bath b/c it doesn't have a bathtub in it.

The room opposite the bedroom, next to the bathroom. It's the laundry room with the hot water heater and such.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Jesus's Day

Yesterday, as well all know was Easter. I appreciate the sermon our pastor delivered. Easter and Christmas are two of the most difficult sermons to deliver, not just because of what they represent, but also because the people who rarely go to church show up for these services. The pressure is on. Pastor Kevin Navarro addressed two crucial areas: 1. death in general and 2. how Jesus's resurrection was not a myth.

Regarding the former, death is something we all dread, to some extent, and it is inevitable. If death isn't bad enough, judgment (and ultimately determination of where we go thereafter) is certainly to follow.

As for how Jesus's resurrection was not a myth, I will not discuss all the evidence in John 20. I do think it was crucial that Pastor Kevin addressed this, since there seem to be plenty of people who think that what happened to Jesus was a fictional story or who do not take it very seriously. Certainly, I am not arguing in favor of pounding truth into people's heads or hearts.

My approach is more subtle. Exemplifying Christ in my everyday life, to me, serves as a better testimony and any argument presentation. This is not an argument, by the way. I'm just putting my approach out there.

Anyways, I intentionally want our kids to know about the Lord, and I was trying to think of some sort of two year old explanation of the Jesus rising from the dead. Couldn't say that Jesus has returned. Returned from what? Where did he go? Ended up telling her yesterday was Jesus's Day. Didn't want her to think that it was just some sort of huge commercial bunny day.

Grandma Nunley send some lovely dresses and sweaters, in addition to a bunch of other goodies (sunglasses, books, stuffed animals, etc.), for the girls. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment.


I have to apologize for blurriness in some of the pictures. I am at the mercy of natural lighting, since my flash is kaput. Sometimes, I cannot get enough natural light indoors to get a good shot.



I kind of like this picture, even though you cannot tell that Isabella is embracing Victoria.

Victoria was super tired and Isabella wouldn't stay still for long and we were going to be late for church, so I decided to try again after church.

After church we went to Mike and Arlene's home for lunch and fun. Tried for a few more shots - for you, Grandma, A-ma, A-gong, and Grandpa. We know Mike and Arlene, from church, and they have three lovely children, whom you will see later on in this posting: Lauren (the oldest daughter), Franchesca (sp.?), and Christian.

This is Francesca with Victoria.

These three kids loved on Isabella and Victoria and did so the last time we were at their home, too. Such lovely and sweet kids.