Friday, February 20, 2009

A little something, or a little someone, to lift up the spirits

We've been feeling pretty snotty and dribbly; how about you? We're on day two of feeling absolutely terrible, the lot of us. Thought we could all use a pick me up. Blessings to you all!



Monday, February 16, 2009

Keeping busy, doing this and that

Henry must accompany Isabella on any exciting adventure, as you'll see in some of the pictures below. Victoria likes to be in on the fun, too. She loves to be near her sister.




Visiting Br Albert at the Novitiate

After church and lunch one Sunday, we went to visit a friend who's in a Dominican novitiate in Denver, Br (short for Brother) Albert, formerly known as Christopher Haugen. We know him from graduate school, in Missouri. And, the last time we saw him, he had wavy, long hair.


He's partially sequestered, so he can't come see us. The girls did rather well, considering we visited him for around two hours, and they didn't have a lot for entertainment. Moments after I took this picture, Victoria screamed for me to come to her rescue.

Ample colorful expressions

For those of you who have been starving for an update, I'm here, at least for now. Things have been pretty busy around the Changley family.

These two pictures aren't the greatest, in terms of photography, but they sort of, well, kind of, capture some of Victoria's colorful, sweet, enthusiastic personality.