Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick-or-treat, er, how about just a treat?!

Love our little munchkin. Does this sweet face look like a trouble-maker to you? Nah. She's just learning about autonomy.


We went to the Navarros' for trick-or-treating. Pastor Kevin Navarro is the senior pastor of the church we've been attending since we moved to Colorado - Bethany Evangelical Free Church (and no, evangelical free should not be interpreted like caffeine free). Kevin and Susan have five children, and Isabella was the youngest trick-or-treater of the lot (though Victoria was with us and she was dressed in a butterfly costume, she didn't technically count as a trick-or-treater).


Um, couldn't get Troy to dress up, but I dressed up as a cow girl with piggy tails!

Aaron (a new friend) and Pastor Kevin.

Aaron's son and one of Pastor Kevin's sons - pretty scary, I thought

Susan with Victoria.

Isabella got herself into this booster seat and couldn't get out. heh heh. She loved, loved, loved playing with the kitchen set that's next to her.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bebe Pod for everyone, well, for both the girls

Never a dull moment in the Changley household. That's for sure. Isabella decided not to sleep during her nap time today, though she was in bed for two hours. Instead, she spent her time, sitting, standing, talking (announcing the different sounds various animals make and saying other things). Victoria showed signs of sleepiness but slept about an hour, perhaps an hour and a half. That means I didn't get the rest I was desperately hoping for after lunch.

In other news, Victoria's sitting is becoming more steady by the day.




I knew Isabella would not be able to resist sitting in Mei-mei ("little sister")'s chair. What amazes me isn't just the fact that Isabella could fit into it, but she could get herself out of it, with some effort of course.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Thankfully, the Zoo wasn't quite as crowded today as it was last Saturday (a free admission day, last Saturday was). It still had enough visitors to park about 3/4 mi. away.



Isabella's an angel. She is an angel, but she is also wearing an angel constume here.

Victoria's a butterfly, and she got so many smiles, glances, and sweet looks from random people. Onlookers would ask their companions and fellow travelers to take a look at her.






Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Isabella "holding" Victoria

For a week, maybe more, Isabella has been wanting to hold Victoria the way I do - carrying her in the upright position, over one shoulder. Isabella is a bit small to be carrying her sister. Well, she can "carry" her sister in a different way.

While Troy was home with the girls and I was away studying, he captured some darling pictures of the girls together. Here is Isabella "holding" Victoria.


Enjoying tasty, juicy Fuji apples

Haven't gotten apples in some time now, but they were on sale at Sunflower Farmer's Market when I went to buy Troy some bread last night. $.99/pound! To my surprise, they were not only a fantastic price, but they were sweet, tasty, and juicy.

Isabella enjoyed at least 1 and a half Fuji apples for her snack time this morning. Got to run back for more before the end of the day. The sale on them ends today!


On another note, Momma (Troy's mom) has a birthday tomorrow, and as a small birthday gift, I promised her that I would try to post pictures everyday for seven days. No guarantees beyond that. Counting yesterday, I am two for two!

Being my friend's caffeine

Last night, spoke with Abby, with whom I have been good friends since the fourth grade, about various sundries. Two matters seemed to audibly lighten her spirits: correctly pronouncing her name, Abirami; and pointing out that I am her caffeine. It was midnight her time, and she hadn't passed out, yet. She readily and enthusiastically agreed that I am her caffeine. Tickled me pink.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is it love between siblings or is Isabella emulating her mommy?

It's so hard not to freak out when Isabella does this with her sister. She really doesn't mean any harm. Isabella simply does not understand her own strength in comparison to Victoria's, and she does not quite comprehend that Victoria is smaller and mroe fragile.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A gorgeous afternoon at Chatfield Park's corn maze and pumpkin patch with Ashwey and Mike

Saturday afternoon, after we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at our place, Ashley, Mike, Troy, Isabella, Victoria, and I headed out to a corn maze and pumpkin patch at Chatfield Park. Gorgeous, gorgeous afternoon.

Had costumes for both of the girls, but Isabella's didn't fit.


This place looks really cool. I think it's some nature center.
Horses for Isabella to enjoy. Left one's named Mike and right one is Ike.

Introduced Isabella to corn on the stalk.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Free Day at the Zoo is not a good day to go; I repeat that is not a good day to go

After going to the Denver Zoo on a free admission day, we've decided to not go on any free admissions days. We'll applaud the zoo's initiative from afar, enjoying the great outdoors and the animals in some other way. What normally takes us half an hour to get the the zoo from home took well over an hour. The parking was insane. The neighboring park's huge parking lot was full, and people were walking from many blocks away.

We still had a good time though. Isabella didn't like not being able to walk around on her own. But, to do so would have risked losing her in such a crowded, large area.


Look at those baby snow leopards.

It was hard to get a clear shot of this feline. He was so mad with the crowds of people he peed on the glass.

Isabella found this duck eating rather funny.