Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A little girl snuggle time


I am so in love with autumn

I can't help it, I am so in love with autumn. Even on warmer days, cooler in the morning and cooler in the evening. It's breath-taking to watch the leaves change colors. This doesn't have so much to do with autumn, but love seeing clouds and shadows, too.






Wow, even the leaves of some of the bushes change colors!

We live in this building.

Time for Henry to eat, too!

No matter how fast she's growing up, Isabella still loves her Henry and takes care of him.


On a more serious note, do you think that Isabella's simply emulating my gestures or do you think something deeper (i.e. learning moral behavior) is happening?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Giving Mommy smiles and listening on Daddy's headphones

Sheez. These girls just take my breath away, in a good way.

Look at Victoria. How much longer will she smile and drool because she's so excited to see me? Not sure, but I am certainly going to enjoy that while I've got it.



She's a bit more sturdy in the seat than when I last put her in it. Still not quite ready to sit on her own, yet.

Isabella wants to do EVERYTHING that her Mommy and Daddy do. Seriously.


Playing at a neighboring park with the Lambs

Julie is my walking partner. Before the semester started, we were doing power walks together once a week, without the kids. We typically walked on Monday evenings, after our respective hubbies came home to watch the girls. This semester, Troy teaches Monday evenings. Worked out better that we walk during the day with the girls anyways. Julie's taking two classes at Denver Seminary. I don't know how she takes care of three little ones under the age of five. I can barely take care of two and take one class.

On this occasion, we went to a park within walking distance of where we live.

This is Emily, the eldest of the three, who is also enjoying her first semester of pre-school!


You are well acquainted with this one here.

This is Julie's middle child, Lauren, also sweet and talkative.

Sorry, no pictures of the youngest ones or the adults.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The failed attempt to get pictures of the girls in matching dresses

Tried really hard to get pictures of the girls in matching dresses after church, especially since they barely fit in their respective dresses now. Well, Isabella was hungry and fidgety. Victoria was just plain mad. So here's a solo shot of Isabella.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Climbing on to Mommy & Daddy's chair to use the computer

It's hard to believe that Isabella officially decided to start walking around 20 months of age. Here she is, busily climbing on to our chair, so she can access the computer.



She also likes to climb the twin bed in her room. She's figured out how to push the little table that Grandma got her for her first birthday against the bed for leverage. Climbs folding chairs (very dangerous; she hasn't figured out how to get down once she's in one), climbing beds, climbing stairs . . .

Monday, September 22, 2008

Learning to recognize leaves and buying time

On our walk back from Aspen Grove Shopping Center, I gave Isabella different shaped and different color leaves. Teaching her leaves ostensively can be quite confusing. Am I pointing to a tree, leaves, branches? Instead, I handed her leaves I saw on the ground.

Here are all the leaves I handed her during the course of our walk -

I have to confess that I also had an ulterior motive for handing her different leaves. The novelty of having a cup of ice with two straws in it wore off on her, and I desperately needed to keep her awake, so she wouldn't skip her afternoon nap.

The grass is plenty green on this side; who needs to worry about the grass being greener on the other side?

Folks, I will tell you no lies. There are plenty of moments and plenty of days where I struggle to find peace, and instead, find myself drowning in angst and loneliness, not knowing who I am, not knowing what I am doing.

I don't mean to sound hyper pious, but the Lord, through the Holy Spirit and through other people.

One thing I'm super thankful for is living in a place where I can enjoy my favorite two seasons: fall and spring.


Wow, leaves changing colors; what's that? That was virtually unheard of in South Texas. Though the temperatures are still reaching the upper 80s during some parts of the day, we have cooler temperatures in the morning and evening and we also have some cool days. Amazing to have actual fall weather, eh? In South Texas, we have extremely hot, extremely hot, hot, and extremely hot.

My friend Dana was kind enough to take this picture of us outside of Starbucks, my most frequent hang out place. Does it qualify as a hangout place if I'm there only to study?

These days, I spent a lot of time hating my body. That's right, hating. Um, not as well toned a body, jelly belly of a tummy, more chunky butt, love handles . . . The list goes on. But, look at that left leg quadriceps muscle!

The journey back home from Starbucks, in the Aspen Grove shopping center.

What beauty. Every day, I am thankful for the beauty of the land that surrounds us. Look at those mountains! We are blessed to be able to see the sun set behind those mountains every day.

It has been too long since I've seen a tree's gradual change in its leaves colors.


Have I emphasized how grateful I am to be surrounded by the beauty of nature and to have eyes to drink in such wonders.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Isn't she a little young for Ugg boots?

Hey, isn't Isabella a bit young for Ugg boots? I want Ugg boots, especially now that I am living in a place where having a pair would be super helpful and nice.


That pair actually belongs to Ashley.

Isabella's birthday party, celebrating 2 years

We had a little birthday celebration for Isabella today. Our little munchkin is barely a toddler anymore, and that, in part, makes me so sad. But, she needs to grow up.

My friend Dana, who I originally met at Starbucks (where I do most of my studying) and who also is finishing a MA in counseling at Denver Seminary, volunteered to make the brownie cake you see above. Thank goodness for Dana's generosity; I was too tired to even contemplate baking a cake for Isabella. Isabella was a bit frightened of the flaming candle; has never been a fan of fire, that one.

top row: Mike, Troy, Dana, Julie
bottom row: Ashley, Isabella, Lauren, Olivia, and Emily

Those were all the attendees, minus the photographer, of course.

Isn't Olivia a ham? She's a couple of months older than Victoria. Things I get to look forward to seeing Victoria do. Olivia is already kind of sitting up on her own. That's amazing.

Isabella has no problems opening presents by herself.

This is a puzzle that Ashley picked out for her. She thinks it is a book at this point.

Like Ashley's new snazzy camera? Ashley was also kind enough to film Isabella saying her ABCs, which she has been able to do, out of order, since she was about 21 months old. Sorry, I can't help but brag, from time to time.

A sweeter moment between siblings, with Emily hugging Olivia, and their mommy (Julie Lamb) in the background.