Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

A woman is chosen as a Vice Presidential candidate

Around noon-ish, one of my good friends called me from work. Had to be important because she rarely calls me during work hours.

The Republican Presidential Candidate, John McCain, has officially chosen his running mate - Sarah Palin:

What's interesting about Palin besides the fact that she is now a Vice Presidential candidate? Here are just a handful of things:
  • She is only 44 years old.
  • She is currently the governor of Alaska, the first woman and youngest governor of Alaska.
  • She and her husband have 5 children, ranging from four months old to eighteen years old.
  • She was the head of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at her school - Wasilla High School, in Wasilla, Alaska.
  • She finished second in the Miss Alaska competition in 1984.

Here are some articles for your perusal:

McCain picks Palin as surprise no. 2
'Suburban mom' who took on her own party
McCain's veep choice is historic and hardly known
Sarah Palin on Wikipedia

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The girls in matching clothes

Right before leaving for church this morning, I had Troy take a picture of the girls and me.

No comments about me; nothing interesting there. Aren't the girls just cute? We tried to make Victoria smile for the picture. No luck.

Wearing Mommy's shoes and wearing them proudly and walking!

Would have never guess Isabella started walking at 20 months (3 months ago), would you? Here she is, not only trying on Mommy's shoes but walking in them!


Yesterday's family date at the Zoo

Went to the Zoo yesterday, August 23rd. Am not including any just animal pictures this time, but if you want to see some, let me know.

Can you see Isabella and Troy through the glass?

She's so proud she can sit on the curb, like big people.

Getting very tired . . . and tired of being carried, instead of walking.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Anticipated a decline in blogging

Hey, I know there are enthusiastic checker-uppers on my blogs. I'm very flattered, considering we're really not all that interesting.

Denver Seminary classes start this coming Monday. Some of you may not be aware that I am going back to school . . . Yes, you read correctly. I am going back to school. I'm starting the MA program in counseling this semester. Starting a bit easy, with only one course this fall, since I have never attempted taking classes while being a mom (of two, no less). I suspect with mommy, household, wife duties; in addition to taking care of my own well-being (physical, spiritual, and psychological), and studying for my class - I won't have much time to blog. I'll be spending much of the tidbits of time I can carve out here and there to study.

Don't worry, I won't totally be MIA. I'll definitely keep you posted. Remember that leaving comments can encourage me to maintain posting regularly.

A deliciously energizing workout

I've read and heard that working out at night isn't a good idea, because it can interfere with your sleep. Enter Exhibit A: me.

Finding other times to work out isn't all that simple in the Changley household. Troy's at school most of the day, Mondays through Fridays. Sometimes the quickest I can get a workout in is at 7 pm. Today it was just before 8 pm. Spent 20 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Hey, don't laugh you exercise gurus out there. 20 minutes is stinkin' good for me. Felt a great high after the cardiovascular workout. Almost as good or as good as a caffeine high. Had my friend, Abby (I still call her Abirami), to thank in part for it. I lasted the 20 minutes because I was on the phone with her. Yup.

Anyways, here I am, tired but wide awake.

Wonders never cease

One thing I want to make sure Isabella knows, without a doubt, is that even though I may discipline her and show her tough love, I love her so much. How do I show this? For starters, I say it. I was telling her lovingly, in English, "I love you." Then I asked her to say it back.

Much to my surprise, she said "I love you" in Chinese! I haven't said those words to her in Chinese in who know how long. Weeks? Months?

Then, as I took her picture, she said she wanted more.

When she saw this picture, she said "si nai" (pronounced like Mount Sinai), which means a sort of flirty sweetness.

And here she is, one of many acts of emulating her mommy. At this point she's burping Henry, and she told me so, in case I didn't understand what she was doing.

It's so hard to know all of what she's packing away in that developing, complicated brain of hers!

Proof that Victoria's easier up to now

Isabella never fell asleep in the bouncer; she fell asleep in the swing maybe twice. This little one has been so nice to her mommy, falling asleep in the bouncer on more than two occasions, to be sure.


Here's Isabella, wanting Victoria to be awake so some love can be delivered. Seriously. She kissed Victoria multiple times, shook the bouncer HARD, and said loudly, "Hi, yaya (her version of 'Victoria')."

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eating with a spoon, swinging, and turning from side to side

Isabella is getting more coordinated with using the spoon. She enjoys eating much more, when she has a chance to use the spoon.


She wants to be in the swing, even though she's too big for it. Didn't care for it as much when she was smaller, but she LOVES it now. She even knows how to get it to go back and forth using her body strength.

I feel a bit bad, because I've taken loads more pictures of Isabella than Victoria, even these days. That's no evidence that I love one more than the other.

Well, here's our other precious little one. Random strangers stop to stare in admiration at Victoria and to comment that they are surprised that she has a full head of dark hair.


Victoria, for some time, has been able to turn her head from facing one direction to facing another direction. But she can also go from being on her back to being on one side and then the other. Side to side she goes!

And, she's a grabber, hair, clothes, what ever is close.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Isabella really does try to involve Henry in everything, including feeding him

Saw Isabella doing this not ten minutes ago. She had strapped Henry in her high chair.

When she grunted, I looked over, and she was trying to put the table on the high chair.

Then, she said, in Chinese, "Dog is done eating. I'll carry you!" What fun.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More fun with Erin

Erin came over again for almost 2 and a half hours to offer me some relief, while Troy's gone on a faculty retreat.

Erin helped keep Isabella out of trouble while she explored the great outdoors. Victoria was captive audience in the Baby Bjorn, strapped to me.

Isabella doesn't need playgrounds for entertainment at this stage. She loves checking out the different textures in the great outdoors and learning the names for different things, from rocks to grass. She started experimenting with walking in grass yesterday and decided she liked it, even though it's harder to balance and walk there than on pavement.

I don't think she wanted to be held or pictures to be taken when there was so much exploring to do and such little time.

After 20 minutes or so, Erin helped feed Isabella while I let Victoria dine. She even stayed later than planned so that not only could I take a shower (a luxury for a mother of two little ones) and give Isabella a bath. Wonderful and clean end to the day.

When a trip to Starbucks for that Frappucino is icing on the cake

Why would I trouble myself with handling a toddler and a baby just to make a run to Starbucks for a java chip frappucino? Because having a legal happy drug is just icing on the cake today.

Am I having trouble today? No, no, no. Why would I feel bad after waking up at 7:30 AM to an angry toddler who has thrown three or four tantrums in the morning (who also earned herself a time out)? I never pretended that being a Christlike example was or is easy, but sometimes the challenge seems ever so tremendous. Especially when someone is constantly screaming at you. . .

God is challenging all of us to love our fellow brothers and sisters: little (screaming) ones, thieves, prostitutes. Everyone, those that are easy to love or hard to love.

My children, for the most part, are very, very easy to love. How can anyone look at them and not love them?

Learning to discern when tough love is necessary can be challenging, though. What I am learning is that I need to let my toddler express her desire for independence without letting her have run of the house. Her parents are guardians of the home, not her. My greatest challenge in motherhood these days is guiding her is expressing her independence.

Parents have different disciplinary preferences, and I respect that. At this time, Isabella understands the concept of time outs and how she earns them at times. I am trying to be careful in how and when I use them, always explaining what is happening. For instance, she is learning that she cannot yell at her parents (or anyone else for that matter). That will get her no where, except a time out in her crib, without Henry (her dog).

How did I get so serious so fast? Don't know. Feelin' pretty good with the coffee in my system. Hope it won't cause too much trouble for Victoria or for my sleep tonight.

Monday, August 18, 2008

The glass IS half full and God is GOOD!

The glass is half full, not half empty folks. I'm lay it out there plain and simple. Moving and having a baby all within two months time span stinks big time. My hormones are a mess. I'm probably going through a combination of moving blues and post partum depression, feeling like I'm doing nothing and I've got nothing. I'm not going into any details on any of the aforementioned notes.

In the midst of feeling blue (it's more like purple or black), I'm realizing that the Lord is reminding me that He is Lord of all, He is good, and he wants me to cling to Him. Abba, Father, I am here. Hold me close, please?! I can't stand on my own feet at this time, and I have two little ones whose lives depend on me and a husband I dearly love.

You know what? He is an awesome God. He gave me a healthy VBAC with Victoria. He provided us with helping hands when we moved down here (to unload the truck and to watch Isabella), a wonderful church (the sermons moved me every time and I felt the Lord moving), new friends (I have a weekly walking partner and we've met another couple at church we're hoping to see again soon), and assistance in other ways. People have been so sweet and so kind to us, and that has meant the world to me, when I have been feeling so displaced and sad. I am convinced that God has brought us to the Denver area to do his work, and Troy's job was a way to bring us here. I'm learning to wait for His time and to lean on Him.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Living it large at 3 months

Victoria turned 3 months old today.

Bombarded by paparazzi rather early in the day and startled by repeated flashes of the camera. Poor, poor dear.

Back to her usual activities, sticking her tongue out.

I have many shots of Isabella sleeping in this sort of position. Must be quite comfortable, sleeping with the bottom up.

Getting a good shot of Isabella was actually challenging, because she was a very busy little one.

She loves to turn the bouncer (or anything that has switches on it) on and off. Even though she is way too big for the thing, she likes to "bounce" in it. Thankfully, lately, she's given me permission to put Victoria in it, and when she isn't in it, Henry (Isabella's dog) gets to be strapped into it. That's right, Isabella straps Henry into the bouncer and gets to enjoy the music in it.

For whatever reason, I couldn't get Isabella to sit close to her sister for long, even though she spends a lot of time trying to climb on her, kiss her, and give her heavy pats of love.

Happy 3 months baby girl.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Downtown Aquarium

I have such an awesome husband. Instead of going to work today, we went to the Downtown Aquarium, in Denver. We had originally planned to go to the zoo, but it was scheduled to rain most of the day. And rain it did.

Watching the otters swim and jump in the air was so cool.

Poor Isabella. She looks so tired in many of the pictures. All except this one, she's biting Henry on the nose.

Troy held Isabella and showed her what was going on for most of our time there, while I pushed the double stroller, with Victoria in it.

Victoria was getting left out of the picture-taking. Poor thing.

Me, too. So, I had Troy take a picture of Isabella and me.

Cool and interesting looking fish, huh?!