Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Isabella loves baths


Isabella loves, loves, loves baths. She'll sign "bath." She loves it so much that she got two baths today. I gave her one and Troy gave her one before bedtime.

After she signs "bath," I ask her whether she wants a bath in Chinese. She'll respond, "okay," in Chinese.

Funny thing, though, she doesn't like water being poured on her head anymore, whether with a cup or with a wash cloth.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Whew, I survived the placing of a temporary crown on my of my teeth

I hate, hate, HATE going to the dentist. Add being about 37 weeks pregnant on top of that (sorry guys, I don't like to count pregnancy in months, because that's difficult to count accurately; I'm definitely in the last month, though). Yuck, ewww, undesirable.

For a recap., Thursday of last week, a fifth of a vertical slice of tooth fell out when I was flossing. The next day, I was seen as an emergency patient and the diagnosis was that I needed a root canal and a crown. Oh, so exciting. Called Troy and called a few friends to pray for me. Cried a bit. They were able to work me in that day, and they did a root canal. Baby in utero didn't much enjoy that experience. But seeing how the baby's due pretty soon and I didn't want more damage to be done to the tooth, I wanted the work done ASAP.

The temporary crown was made today. This was my first experience of such an event. I wanted to know the details of the procedure. A bit of a mistake. They had to shave the tooth all the way around, so that the crown could fit without crowding the other teeth or causing them problems. How delightful. Please do take away some of my tooth. Love it (not)! I asked about the youngest patient on whom they have ever done a crown. 15 years of age. Yes, some poor person had a crown put in their mouth. Warned them ahead of time that I have congestion in the sinuses behind my nose and that I am having some deep breathing problems due to pregnancy. They were good to give me some breaks. All in all, I survived.

The dental office said that the lab might take 2.5 to 3 weeks to have the permanent crown ready. Uh, well, the baby's due in 3 weeks. The likelihood of me coming in after the baby is here is slim to none. I'll be breastfeeding our newborn, don't know how frequently. Plus, we'll have two little ones at home. The gal waiting on me said she would talk with the guy at the lab on Monday, to see whether he can expedite matters. Do that, please. And, I'll pay the office the other half of what I owe for the crown, if they work with the time crunch.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Isabella's growing teeth


Her teeth are getting longer. She still loves to have her picture taken by me, by the way.