Sunday, March 23, 2008

After the baby shower

After the baby shower this past Saturday (March 22), Troy and Isabella came to help me collect our loot and to pick me up. Here are a couple of shots of Isabella, in all her cuteness. And no, she does not smile for just anyone with a camera. Even someone else holding my camera and taking pictures with it doesn't cut it. This is her mommy taking the pictures.

Happy Easter!

Praise the Lord. Jesus is risen! Hope you all had a fabulous Easter.

We went to church this morning: practiced with the music praise and worship team, enjoyed breakfast with fellow church attendees, and went to morning worship. After that, I crashed on our bed, while Troy fed Isabella, who nearly fell asleep in her high chair. Bought some groceries in the afternoon. Then late afternoon, Troy, Isabella, and I went to Elisa & George's home for some deliciously tasty barbeque. That's right, down here in South Texas, some families' tradition include barbeque. The tacos were so yummy. The pictures below were taken at the Herrerra's tonight:

Isabella wore a cute little pink and white dress to church. But crawling around in a dress is no fun. So, before going to the Herrera's home, we changed her into a onesie she got as a gift yesterday. And, yes, she is wearing a camouflage onesie with lace on it. On the back, there is even a bow.

Manda & Johnny, you should be able to guess, without three tries, who (from around here) gave this onesie to her.

Elisa & Booboo

Isabella & George

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My husband cleans up really nicely, don't you think?

Well, besides Troy's facial expression, doesn't he clean up really well? That's the suit he'll be wearing for a campus interview at a university very, very soon.


Of course, if Mommy takes somebody's picture, Isabella has to have hers taken, too. And no, she does not desire that everyone take her picture. Her Mommy has to take her pictures often!

Friday, March 21, 2008

"I love you" and other phrases/sentences Isabella is saying

For awhile now, perhaps a couple, perhaps even three, weeks, Isabella has been saying "I love you." Not bad for an 18-month old, eh? What other phrases/sentences does she say? At the very least, "I see you" and Patty cake, patty cake."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Geez, take my picture already!


She was very, very upset - believe it or not - that I wasn't taking her picture. So, I took loads of pictures, only keeping one good one. Didn't want me to stop taking them either.

Friday, March 14, 2008

It's only 99 degrees outside

That's South Texas weather for you. They say, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. One HUGE factor that leaves me hankering to leave South Texas is the heat. It's over 90 degrees three quarters (minimally) of the year. Some people can tolerate the heat. I HATE, hate, HATE being hot! I'd rather be hot than cold. To make matters worse, since temperatures rarely reach freezing here, oftentimes things don't die, including pests and pollen-producing entities. That means my allergies never die.

Time to adventure into the heat to buy a present for a baby shower I'm attending later today. . .

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yet another sinus infection

Not that long ago, not even two months, my ENT doc diagnosed me with a sinus infection. Had that infection for about three weeks, yep, count 'em, TWENTY-ONE DAYS.

Since Saturday night, I've been feeling pretty crappy. Started out with a scratchy throat. Progressed or digressed from there. Yellowish flem, nasal congestion, sinuses backed up. . . Sorry about TMI. Had more trouble breathing when laying down. Sometimes felt like my eyes were on fire. Lost my voice at times because of the junk in my throat. Had trouble sleeping. Yes, I have trouble sleeping due to pregnancy as well (baby doesn't seem to like any position - on my back, on either side. . . ). Wake up multiple times in the night. Takes awhile to get back to sleep. Blah, blah, blah.

Called yesterday afternoon to make an appointment to see Dr. Turner Wright. Within moments of hearing my symptoms and examining me, he said I have yet another sinus infection. He thought that after I'm done being pregnant and such, I ought to consider surgery. WHAT? I told him that before these two sinus infections, I hadn't had any sinus infections for a LONG time (at the very soonest, some time before I was married). He said that given that something seems to swell more (my sinuses?), it seems plausible that I'm more prone to sinus infections during pregnancy. Also, I can expect more stuffy nose stuff in general, as my pregnancy progresses. Great.

I asked him whether he thought I had a bacterial or viral sinus infection. I don't want to take antibiotics unnecessarily, after all. Given what I had told him, he believes it's bacterial. Only a test, involving minimal x-rays (which he doesn't recommend, given my pregnancy) could tell definitively, but my symptoms tell him it's bacterial.

To make things crystal clear, I asked him, "so, you think I have a sinus infection? how so?" His reply? "I don't think, I KNOW you have a sinus infection." "I'm an expert."

Alright, long story short, I'm taking antibiotics, and I hope I get over this much sooner than last time. I'm a very bad sick patient in general. Adding pregnancy to that makes for a very bad, bad combination.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy birthday Troy!

We celebrated Troy's birthday, Troy-style - low key. Rest and family-time. Hey, I'll take the time with family bit.

Isabella had a hand in determining how we would spend that family time. By mid-afternoon, she said over and over and over again, in Chinese, swing! The only way I could divert Isabella's attention at all, while Troy finished practicing guitar was for us to spend some time drawing. We made him a birthday card.

When Troy was ready, we went to a park, not too far from church, where there are toddler swings. Very delighted she was!

Periodically, while she was swinging, she would say, "go," which means dog. Sometimes she actually saw a dog. Other times, she was telling us she wanted to look at dogs.

Upon Troy's suggestion, we went to a pet store next. I don't remember ever seeing dogs for sale there, but they do have an in-house veterinary services and dogs are welcome in the store. A number of people had dogs with them, and the store had some cats available for adoption. So, we had a lot of fun there. We ended the birthday celebration by going home, sitting down together, and eating. Yay!

Friday, March 07, 2008

"Take my picture!"

Isabella not only identifies a camera but also knows the purpose of it. She'll ask me over and over, in Chinese, "Take my picture," until she gets what she wants. You heard it correct! She asks me to take her picture. Of course being the picture-taking addict I am (just ask Troy), I happily oblige. Well, except when I'm trying to get her to eat during her mealtimes.

Why won't she cooperate with the photographer at Sear's Portrait Studio? Why does she HATE being there?










Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Loads accomplished today!

Precious few days where I can accomplish a lot, especially with the third trimester here. Well, today was one of those precious few days.

It's just after three o'clock here. What have I done today?
  • Fed Isabella breakfast.
  • Ate breakfast myself.
  • Washed FIVE loads of laundry.
  • Gave Isabella her late morning snack.
  • Made vegetable and chicken soup for the three of us. Sound easy? Nope. Had to cut up garlic, chicken breast, celery (which also had to be washed), zucchini (which I also peeled), red potatoes, carrots. Yup, a very hearty soup with: potatoes, carrots, celery, zucchini, couscous, lentils, red kidney beans, corn, diced tomatoes, chicken breast, and garlic.
  • Fed Isabella her lunch.
  • Made and consumed my lunch.
  • Played with Isabella.
  • Changed Isabella's diapers, I'm not sure how many times.
  • Put Isabella down for her nap.
  • Checked e-mail.
Now, I'm about to go to Junko's. Am I going to get a chance to get some lessons on the koto? Don't know. Have to head back home by 4 pm. Bye!