Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bummer, dude. No good tidings from the dentist.

Troy and I went in for a regular check-up with a new dentist. He didn't do any x-rays on me, because I'm expecting. Upon examining my teeth, he said though most of the teeth look fine, all four of my wisdom teeth have surface cavities on them. Great. He doesn't want to do any work on them until he's able to do x-rays on them, after the baby is born. If there's nothing else wrong with the wisdom teeth, he'll recommend putting fillings in them, which is much gentler and less intrusive work than getting them extracted.

Oh, and, to add to the wonderful news, I have gingivitis. BIG surprise. I've had gingivitis off and on since I've had teeth. That I would have pregnancy gingivitis? Uh, hmmmmm, not surprised. Made the hygienist's cleaning uncomfortable and painful. Well, it's done and I can breathe again.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Did you know that flamingos are dogs?

We went to Gladys Porter Zoo, in Brownsville, Texas, this past Saturday, January 5th. Beautiful weather. Upper '70s, lower '80s.

One of the first creatures Isabella saw was flamingos. She called them "gou gou," Chinese for dog. Yup, she called any moving creature she fancied, dog.

Between the legs of the gorilla lying down is a baby gorilla that is less than a month old.

The best shot I could get through a dirty piece of glass. The little gorilla was climbing up the wall to get to the glass.

See the tiger in the branches?

This is the last time Booboo will be in the Baby Bjorn. She hasn't been in it for a few months. A bit too long for the Baby Bjorn now.

Our visit in Tennessee

My mom and dad, Troy, Isabella, and I went to the West Side YMCA, in Knoxville, TN, on December 27. Did some walking and gave Isabella an opportunity to swing. She loved that, as usual.

Juliet & Isabella.


Brace yourselves, none of us had the chance to change clothes, brush our hair, or beautify ourselves before these pictures were taken.

From left to right -
top row: Troy, Hui-Shyong, Shui-Fom, Tim
bottom row: me, Juliet, Tenny


A game Isabella loves to play is to open and close doors, when a person is outside the door. I guess it's some version of Peek-a-boo. In this version, she likes to let out a happy scream (yes, scream), when she opens the door.

Our visit to Ohio

We spent around six days with Troy's side of the family.


This reindeer plays "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" if you press its left hand. Isabella got the hang of how it works pretty quickly. Honestly, I found this reindeer's song and dance a bit annoying in previous Christmases, but given that Isabella found it entertaining, I liked it!


Isabella LOVES dogs. For a majority of the trip, this greyhound, Rocket, was the only indoor dog and was perpetual entertainment for Isabella. She was constantly approaching him and saying "gou gou," which means "dog" in Chinese.

Troy, Isabella, & I, along with Aaron & Jenny went to check out Becky's church, Lighthouse Baptist Church, the Sunday we were in Ohio.


Jenny & Aaron (Troy's brother and sister-in-law)


from left to right -
top row: me, Troy, Isabella, Oliver (greyhound), Jenny, Titan (the other dog), Aaron, Karen
bottom row: Chris, Becky, Brice, John

Who needs a Sear's portrait photographer when I'm around? It took me less than ten minutes to organize and situate everyone. It took less than two to five minutes to get several snapshots of the family. The last time we went to Sear's to get all of us together for a picture, it took at least half an hour.

This is what Isabella was doing when I attempted to put her down for the night. Happy as a clam!

Christmas Eve at the Nunleys

Isabella & Brice (7 yrs. old - Becky's son)


Chris (Becky's cool boyfriend) & Becky

Our last day in Ohio.