Friday, December 14, 2007

One of our X-mas presents for Isabella, a new pet, I mean, lovey.

Yesterday evening, Troy and Isabella had some Daddy-daughter bonding time, while Elisa (a friend I met at church) and I had a gal's night out. We went to one of my old favorite restaurants, Hop Tung, her treat! Then, we went to Barnes & Noble and walked around for awhile. I've been on the lookout for a stuffed dog for some time, since Isabella loves dogs SO much.

Well, I'm happy to report I found one that was roughly the right size for Isabella, and it's baby friendly, meaning the hairs don't come out easily when pulled, tugged, and licked. Well, I didn't try licking the dog before deciding to get it, but you get the idea. Since Troy and I haven't really gotten anything for Isabella, in terms of Christmas, besides a couple of Christmas outfits, I thought we could get her a dog. This will have to do until we can get a real dog some day.


Two purposes in getting this dog: she loves dogs and she needs another lovey that she really likes, besides the monkey. Any suggestions for naming the monkey?

Decided to give the dog a name - Henry, one of the first dogs Isabella laid eyes on and LOVED! She loved Manda & Johnny's dogs, Henry and Juicy. That's right, Isabella's little pup is named after Manda's dog.

A slightly better shot of Henry's face.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Changley Christmas Newsletter 2007

December 2007

Dearest family and friends,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope this letter finds you all well.

What has happened in the Changley household this calendar year? We have attempted to maintain sanity, given our various obligations in different aspects of our lives. On the home front, Isabella keeps us pretty busy. We can’t believe she is already fifteen months old! She loves to wave at people and say “hi,” even to strangers. Her current project seems to be motor and language skills, adding new words to her repertoire everyday, like uttering “a bough” to refer to bread or Elmo. Other projects, such as walking on her own without the help of furniture, have taken a back seat.

On the professional front, we are still with the University of Texas – Pan American. Troy is teaching as a full-time lecturer, which means teaching five classes per semester. I have been teaching part-time since Isabella was born. We are also back on the job market, looking for tenure-track jobs for the 2008-09 academic year.

On the church front, our church keeps us on our toes. Since June, Troy assumed responsibility for two significant roles: director of the youth group, pulling together a team of people to teach the youth; and leader of the music praise and worship team. I sing on the music praise and worship team, and I teach an adult Sunday school class.

Last but not least, we wanted to share some good news. Isabella will be getting a sibling in May! May everyone have a safe, enjoyable, and happy holiday season.


Lily & Troy

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bread, she can't seem to get enough

Isabella's addicted to bread. If she spots it, she doesn't want anything else. And, she's figured out how to say "bread" in Chinese. She doesn't quite say it correctly, but I know what she's saying and she keeps repeating it until she gets it!


She was good at peeling or tearing off a piece and eating it a little at a time.

But these days, she usually tries to shove as much in at a time as possible. Yikes!

A visit to Bentson State Park

Yesterday, December 7th, Junko, Isabella, and I went to Bentson State Park. It was a first for Isabella and me. Getting out of the house and being with Mother Nature was ever refreshing. Besides that, we haven't seen Junko in over two weeks, since before she went to Japan. Too bad we still have rather balmy South Texas weather. By the time we were done visiting the park (we were there maybe two hours), I was quite sweaty. Yes, sweaty in December. South Texas. Well, I had also gone jogging after the trolley on two occasions, attempting to capture the attention of the driver. I didn't want to walk some twenty to thirty minutes back towards the front of the park; I was too hungry.

Anyways, I'm sharing pictures I took of three specimen: a javalina, some green jays, and a one-spotted propona.

We saw javalinas at different junctures. At one point, we saw two adult javalinas with three juvenile ones. Later on, we were looking at half a dozen to a dozen green jays, when we saw this lone javalina.

Apparently, this javalina wasn't very bashful.

It flared its nostrils and was apparently interested in what it was smelling. I don't know whether it was smelling what Isabella had eaten or it just liked Isabella, but we weren't waiting around to find out.

I couldn't successfully snap any pictures of green jays until we went into this area that hid us from the green jays.

A bathing green jay. Don't blame the bird considering the heat!

We were just getting back to the building close to the entrance to the Park, on the trolley, we we saw a group of people clustering around this grapefruit. Turns out it is a butterfly rare to the United States - the one spotted propona. The "one spotted" part of the name comes from the fact that when the butterflies wings are open, there is a brilliant blue spot on each of the wings. It didn't open its wings for us in the five or ten minutes we stood there watching.

It was more interested in sucking the sweetness out of the grapefruit. Little did I know a butterfly would feast on the juice of a grapefruit!

Anyways, the first spotting of a one-spotted propona was on November 19th of this year. Yesterday's spotting was the second one in the U.S.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Opening some Christmas presents early and doing one of her favorite activities (shredding paper)

The day before yesterday, December 4, we got a package from one of my best friends, Christine Poston. There were three gifts for Isabella and one for me. Since Isabella LOVES to shred paper, I decided she'd be best to open her presents. Of course we gave her a bit of a start.

These are the awesome Robeez shoes of which Isabella has two pairs, not in this exact design, of course. Robeez shoes are made with soft leather soles, making it easier for little ones to practice walking. LOVE THEM! Isabella doesn't try to tear them off her feet.

While indoors, at home, parents are encouraged to let babies practice on their bare feet. It's easier for them.

These are adorable princess shoes, if you can't see them well.

She also got lots of board books from Auntie Christine.

A third item she got from Auntie Christine, not pictured here, is a very cute monogrammed dress. Her entire first name is monogrammed across the front collar of her dress. I'm sure I'll post pictures of her in the dress when she's big enough to fit the dress.

Some more pictures of Isabella at church

Took these pictures this past Sunday, December 2, at church. Can't get enough of this cutie patootie.

She's usually desperate for me to hold her as soon as she spots me, but Isabella was kind enough to humor me with some pictures first.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lily's Wish List

I started a Wishlist, which is linked on to my blog. Click on "View my complete profile," which is right under the "About Me" on the right hand side of my blog, A Day in the Life of Lily. Then right above the "About me," you'll see the link for "Wishlist." Or, if you please, here's the direct link to my wishlist: Lily's Wish List.

More teeth


Isabella has been drooling like a maniac for awhile now. I try to see whether she's actually got teeth coming in, but my only chance to look is when I'm brushing her teeth at night. She's not keen on people opening her mouth for her. From a super quick glance a few days ago, Troy and I thought that two more teeth were coming in on top. We could barely see a tad of white on either side of her top teeth.

Just a recap of the full grown teeth she has a present, she has four on top and two on bottom. As of at least yesterday, I could clearly see a white tip clearly protruding beyond her gums on her upper right side. On the one hand, I'm glad for more teeth. A growing girl needs to have more teeth with which to chomp and chew. On the other hand, I feel bad for her because I know it hurts, it is uncomfortable, and it hurts.