Saturday, June 30, 2007

See her two front teeth?


She's cutting tooth #4 and 5, but here you can see two of her teeth. A cutie, huh?!

Isabella and the piano



Since I started playing the piano when I was four and a half, given the smarts she's fitting into that large head of hers, she'll probably start much sooner. See, she's already starting to read music; look at the second picture.

On a more serious note, she seemed to have fun sitting in my lap, while I played "It's a Small World."

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

When the fun gets rough, someone's hand gets broken

A couple guys from church, Israel and Sergio, came over last night, so that Troy could help them record some of Israel's music. Israel's written some really great sounding stuff! I dropped in every now and again, but for the most part, Isabella and I did our own stuff.

At some point, later in the evening, I went back to our bedroom, where Isabella was in the swing and I was eating (the story of my life). All of the sudden, Troy enters, looking kind of worried. He thinks that Sergio broke his pinky. Wait, what? They were playing guitars and doing music stuff. How did that happen?

It turns out they found Troy's breaking boards, from karate, rather fascinating and they wanted to see whether they could break them. Israel went first and they Sergio followed. With one hit, disaster happened with Sergio. A long story short, an ER visit later (with X-rays), Sergio has broken his hand in two places, once at the pinky knuckle and once further up the hand. These guys and other guys are constantly doing crazy stuff with the youth. LESSON? No "macho" attempts at board breaking! Geez. Even when I was taking karate lessons from Troy, who has a first degree black belt, and he was teaching me board breaking stuff, even I realized the dangers of the activity.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

My husband is SO amazing!

Isabella got me up just after eight this morning. Earlier than I was hoping for, considering the fact that I didn't go to sleep until after 1 AM. She was making all kinds of noise in our bed. She doesn't sleep with us, but after I nurse her early morning, she ends up staying with us, because I fall back asleep after she latches on to me.

Anyways, she made quite apparent that I wasn't going back to sleep either. At first, I was a bit bitter. How come Troy gets to sleep, and I don't? This is what happens to me when I'm sleep deprived. The world appears upside down and I'm in a wretched mood.

Then I thought, why should we both lose sleep? Troy obviously is still zonked out. Isabella needs a diaper change. So, I finally dragged myself out of bed. Ever since I started teaching summer school, I haven't been giving her breakfast food (rice cereal mixed with banana) on weekdays. It's Saturday. While I'm up, might as well give her breakfast.

I put her in the high chair I love so very much. In between feeding her bites to eat, I ran around doing a few things I've been dying to do - changed the fish tank water; poured Comet in the other bathroom sink, toilet, and bathtub, in preparation for cleaning; and watered the plants. After Troy got up and we both ate our breakfast, I cleaned the bathroom between the two bedrooms (I cleaned our bathroom yesterday). When I was just about done and I was getting some stuff done before nursing her, Troy read her sleepy cues and put her in her crib to sleep. Yay Daddy! Wonderful Hubby; he bought me 20 minutes to get some stuff done.

Isabella's fighting to type on the keyboard. Got to run!

My little sweetie pie


Johnny Cash and a sleeping babe


Too cute. A sleeping babe with Johnny-cash kissing her. Don't worry folks, once she's asleep for the night, Isabella doesn't usually wake easily.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Not a new revelation: I'm allergic to just about anything that moves in South Texas

I got tested for allergies for the first time in my life. What possessed me to do this, despite the fact that I've had certain allergies most of my life? Well, my allergist recommended it, and I decided it was a good idea. . . In hindsight, not such a good idea.

For those of you who've never had this done, it's no cup of tea. Lots and lots of so-called pricks. More like jabs of needles in the arms. No exaggeration, 66 times dude! Remember the tetanus test? Where they put some liquid just beneath the surface of the skin? Same sort of idea. They injected little bits of antigens, from trees, grasses, weeds, dust, epidermals, and molds, to see what sort of reaction I'd have after 11 minutes.

I had some pretty big responses to these 33 things for which I was tested. BIG SURPRISE. This is why I'm constantly clearing my throat and why I'm oftentimes congested here in South Texas. The allergies that NEVER go away.

I've taken a prescription strength antihistamine. I've rubbed Benadryl cream all over the testing sites on both arms, and my arms are still quite itchy and swollen, especially the right arm. Holy cow, the right arm is quite red and swollen. Time to take a shower and then rub more Benadryl cream on the arms. Good night.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tired I am

I've been quite worn out lately. Getting into the swing of teaching, I suppose, is taking some effort. After all, I'm teaching five days a week, an hour and a half each day. Then, I come home to be with Isabella the rest of the time, and good gracious, she crawls fast. She keeps me very, very busy.

Who needs to work out in a gym when there's a baby to keep one busy? I'm counting her as my workout! Nighty-night everyone.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm tired, I've got a headache, and I'm going to bed

I haven't been diligent about posting lately. Perhaps my life's too mundane for writing. Or, do I have so much going on I can't discern front from back, up from down, left from right? I'll let you guess. For the time being, I'm tired and I haven't chased away a headache for several hours now. Yes, I could take something for my headache, but I'm going to go to bed instead. Good night moon, I mean, all.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Our wonderful dinner date last night

Manda & Johnny are so awesome. Last night, they came over and watched Isabella while we went out for dinner. We went to Kumori, one of their favorite places to eat. Oh, the prices were good, the food was good, the company was excellent. We didn't spend the time pining over Isabella or talking about her. The time was much enjoyed, taking our time to eat and chat. I'd just about forgotten what life was like before our little munchkin. Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Sigh. I hope we get more couple's time in the future. Good to keep the couple's relationship in the family going. Thanks guys; you guys are fantastic.