Thursday, April 26, 2007

Juliet Chang Calhoun, recent pictures of Isabella's cousin

This is my sister, Tenny's daughter - Juliet. I still can't believe my sister and I haven't seen each other since Christmas 2005. We've not seen each other pregnant and we've not seen each other's baby in person. So sad, so sad.

The good news is that we've kept in close touch. We're on the phone constantly and we're always trading e-mails.

From the pictures my sister e-mailed recently, I can tell that Juliet's got quite a personality. Can't wait to meet her some time! Ofcourse I can't wait to see my sister again some time soon, too. I miss you guys so much.


Juliet with her mommy, Tenny





Daddy & Isabella share some laughs


it just keeps getting better!


Happy birthday Manda! Got to spend some time with the birthday girl today. Manda, Isabella, and I went to Target, one of our favorite places to shop. Then, I fed her some of the delicious chicken & mushroom lasagna I made last night. Mmmm, mmmm good. She had to save room for the sushi dinner she was having later tonight, with her hubby.

We're really going to miss spending time regularly with Manda & the gang (Johnny and the boys - Henry and Juicy).


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Our first family portrait



This is the first studio portrait taken of us since Isabella was born. She's six and a half months old in this picture.

The Huddles and us at Sear's Portrait Studio

Look at this great looking couple. Not only do we know them, they're really good friends of ours, Manda & Johnny. We wanted our pictures taken with them before they head off to the far away land of Los Angeles.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Isabella & Mommy


By the way, the super cute outfit Isabella is sporting is from her Auntie Becky. I love how the skirt works. Becky's a genious for picking this out. There are buttons on the bottom of her bloomer (which is attached to the skirt), so I don't have to strip the skirt off just to change a diaper. Super cool.

I think she's getting bigger super fast. The bloomers are a bit of a close fit.

Manda & Isabella at Junko's


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Highlight of my day, my undergraduate advisor gave me very helpful suggestions on my dissertation

I e-mailed my dissertation to my undergraduate advisor several months ago. I was delighted that he was willing to read it and get back to me with feedback. Well, he wrote me back today, with a two-page response. Encouraging and insightful. He gave me a very clear direction in which I will attempt to go. Getting this e-mail totally made my day and encouraged me. Now I just have to read his comments another dozen or so times. I probably won't try to publish my dissertation, but I will use the research and material from it to try to write a book, perhaps, based on the suggestions Dr. Buford made.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thank Heaven for Emma

Emma, referred to us by Martha (my lactation consultant), came over to clean our home today. She did everything, from vacuuming and mopping to doing laundry and dusting to cleaning our oven and wiping our windows. LOVED having her do this for us. She worked six hours, count them, six hours. I fed her lunch, some fried rice I made yesterday. Yay for a clean home. Did I say how elated I am at having a clean home in which to reside?!

Mommy & Isabella before the family date


We didn't make it to the beach Sunday, but we had a fun family date time anyways

We totally wanted to go to the beach in between the morning service and practice for the evening service. Perfect weather (for Lily anyways); temperature was in the lower seventy's. By the time we got home and everyone got fed (including baby food for Isabella and nursing), we had at most half an hour on the beach, given no congestion on the road. So, we decided not to go. Boo!

Well, we still had our family date time. We went to Edinburg Municipal Park instead. We dressed Isabella in one of the snazzy outfits her Aunt Becky gave her. Doesn't she look absolutely fantastic?! Thanks Auntie Becky! I bought her several hats, knowing that the brutal sun of South Texas would eat her face alive without protection. Ofcourse I also lathered her fair skin with baby sunscreen, and off we went.

Here is our little princess towards the beginning of our walk.

About ten minutes into our stroll, she decided to take her siesta.

The cactii are in full bloom now.

Awww, Daddy / Isabella moment.

Towards home we go.

She's such a doll. No biases, ofcourse.

At the end of it all, Isabella was protected from the South Texas bright and powerful sun. Troy's forehead and arms were sunburnt. My head wasn't burnt because I was wearing a hat most of the time. My shoulders, though, got a bit burnt. The adults weren't smart enough to put on sunscreen. Next time. Next time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Junko feeding Isabella carrots


When Junko dropped by last night, she was overjoyed at my offer to let her feed Isabella carrots.

Yummy strawberries

fresh strawberries and bulgarian (whole milk) yogurt

The strawberries at HEB are looking really good these days, and the price is fantastic. Yummy, yummy strawberries.

Isabella & Elizabeth


Nathan, Maribel, and baby Elizabeth come over every Monday. Nathan, a former student of mine, has been discussing Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling with Troy, while Maribel, Elizabeth, Isabella, and I hang out.

Elizabeth's three months old in this picture, and Isabella's six and a half months old. Unfortunately, moments after I snapped this picture, Isabella accidentally whacked Elizabeth with the toy in her left hand. She had no idea of the damage she had done and continued being in high spirits, while Elizabethe cried her little heart out. In the same evening, Isabella hit herself with the same toy.

Isabella in a recliner


This is one of the things Isabella at Junko's, while I was at campus meeting with a student. Hee, hee. Junko's the photographer here.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happenings on Easter

We went to Easter breakfast at church, followed by Easter service. In the afternoon, some guys and Manda came over. The guys did music stuff and youtube stuff.



from left to right:
Joel, Cody, Johnny.

These pictures speak for themselves.

Manda & Isabella

Successful baby food feeding!


Isabella after her first successful feeding of baby food. Isabella ate two full teaspoons of peas here.