Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happenings in the Changley household

Again, I feel bad that nothing has been posted for awhile. I'm still barely keeping my head above water, we've been so busy. What's occupied our time? Well, the Christmas holidays for one. My parents came into town on the 22nd and stayed until the 27th. They took such good care of us, cooking daily, making wonderfully delicious meals. We're still enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

I left on the same day as my parents, for Washington D.C., for a job interview. The interview was on the 28th. Nerve-wracking and difficult the interview was, but, all in all, I thought it went well. We'll see what happens. Meanwhile, Daddy and Isabella had some bonding time. I think it went quite well. Thanks to Daddy's laborious efforts, she is now sleeping on her stomach. Wait a second, all you SIDS worry-warts, she sleeps on her stomach in the Pack 'n Play, in our room, with no loose sheets or extraneous objects in it. She's safe, trust us.

Daddy and Isabella then picked up my friend Richard, who flew in from England, on the 28th, in the evening. Two men and a little lady hung out for a bit, and on the 29th, the two men and a little lady picked me up from the airport. We're having a jolly good time. Had a wonderful meal at Junko's. Finally met the first of her two children. We all got brief lessons on the koto (a Japanese 13 string instrument).

Now I'm very, very tired. Must go pump milk and go to bed. Ciao.

Christmas day

top to bottom, left to right:
me, troy, mom (a.k.a. a-ma), dad (a-gong), isabella

family photo, family photo!

a-ma & a-gong proudly holding their granddaughter

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. May the Lord bless you and may you have peace and joy and love as you ring in the new year.

A-gong & Isabella


my dad (A-gong to Isabella) holding Isabella

A-gong was and is always a charm, when it comes to putting Isabella to sleep. He walks her and talks to her, and she goes to sleep!

family picture


troy, isabella, mom & dad (a.k.a. a-ma & a-gong)

Making mooncakes

These pictures were taken on December 23, 2006.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with making mooncakes. But, had to include a picture of A-ma (Taiwanese word for grandmother) holding Isabella. Oops, I think this photo was taken on the 22nd.

There are actually two different kinds of dough used in making the mooncakes.

Here are the mooncakes, with bean paste and chestnuts placed inside, almost ready for baking.

On top of the picture are chestnuts, grown from trees in the backyard of my parents' home.

This is the final product, baked and ready to eat!

Yummy, yummy.

Our lunch. Junko, who came over to learn to make mooncakes, also joined us for lunch.

Changley family photo


I took this picture of us before my parents came. I hate the image of me in it (amongst other problems, my underwear is showing), but everyone else looks good.

smiling picture

Sorry about not posting in ages. Life has been super busy in the Changley househ0ld. But, alas, I'm making an attempt to satisfy hungry fans! Here's a smiley picture of our little one.


Friday, December 22, 2006

The Changs are here.

My mom (that's A-ma to Isabella) was able to get Isabella to laugh audibly on multiple occasions today! My dad and I bore witness to all those laughters. Too bad Isabella's Daddy missed the laughs. The laughs couldn't be heard from another room.

Strange though A-ma was able to get Isabella to laugh, sh oftentimes would cry when A-ma held her. Seemed A-gong (my dad) had the special touch. He was almost always successful in calming her down. In fact, this afternoon, not only did he get her to fall asleep, but, he put her in her crib, where she slept for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Why won't she sleep for Mommy and Daddy?!

Well, we take what we can get.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Isabella, Isabella

Isabella in the outfit Auntie Junko got for her




that's today, three months old this one!


Saturday, December 16, 2006


I put Isabella to bed, and I decided to check my e-mail, since I haven't checked it all day. Strange, huh?! Not to go off on too much of a tangent, but I've been out with my family. Troy, Isabella, & I went shopping. Yes, yes, it's that time of year. Time to do some Christmas gift shopping. Isabella was quite the trooper. We were out from mid-afternoon until nine or so in the evening. Nursed her twice on our little adventure. Troy and I had a quasi-date, icecream at Cold Stone Creamery. I call it a quasi-date, because Isabella was with us. Still, loved the date and loved the company.

To the point of this posting, I found out, when checking my gmail account, I have an interview for a job! Good news, I have an interview. Bad news, that means I have to go to the APA (American Philosophical Association) conference, right after Christmas, for the interview. Where is the conference this year? Washington D.C.!

Troy thinks that I need to go for the interview. What?! And leave my husband and baby behind? Crazy mommy brain at work here. That means I've got to resume pumping every day!!! She eats eight to ten times a day. The milk stored in the freezer is mostly extras for when I return to work. And, I've got to pump on the road, so I don't get engorged and so I continue producing milk. Where am I going to pump on the road? Who cares; I'll figure it out later.

I don't want to blow the cover for the school with which I'm interview yet. This is too early in the game. It's way up north; let's just say that. Pray, if you get a chance, that everything will work to God's glory.

Holy smokes, how am I going to prepare for the interview? Must call my dissertation advisor. Must call my advisor from Furman. Perhaps must even call my Master's degree advisor. Yikes!

The interview is for a tenure-track position in Asian philosophies and religions. Seriously, pray for me. My mouth is drying up, from getting nervous, just thinking about it! I have an INTERVIEW! I have an interview.

Friday, December 15, 2006

my mundane existence

at this very moment, most everyone in the house is taking a nap. troy fell asleep on the recliner. he looked like he could use a blanket to make him comfortable, so i threw a throw over him. isabella has finally fallen asleep in the baby bjorn, strapped to my body. no doubt, benny (the fish) is probably resting, too. he may not be sleeping, but i'm sure he's having a good ole time. i'm the only one who's awake.

we submitted grades online this afternoon. i have a list of things i want to get done (clean bathrooms, date pictures, clear the diningroom table) but no motivation to do any of those things. instead, i've been surfing the web, reading other people's blogs.

in other news, isabella is still as cute as ever. she's still growing and becoming even more wonderful every day. laughing with me, smiling at me, and wanting me make me feel so wanted and desired. lord, thank you for letting us become parents.

okay isabella, you can poop out of your diapers if you really want to or feel the urge to do so. okay, i luv ya, bub-bye!

Mmmm, mmmmmmmmmm lasagna

A dearheart friend of ours brought over lasagna and a beautifully arranged salad. Certainly helped us schmucks, who had loads of grading to do before the 3 pm deadline today. I turned my grades in electronically, and I believe Troy's about done, too. Hopefully, the spouse of our dear friend will be able to get his in also. Then, we can all collapse.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Isabella & Santa


Isabella's in the little outfit Auntie Manda gave her. The onesie says, "My first x-mas" on it.

I'm impressed that that is Santa's real beard!

Hearing her laughing out loud for the first time

Not even ten minutes ago, I was attempting to get Isabella to fall asleep in the Baby Bjorn. I'm still doing this, by the way. I was saying in Taiwanese show-show (that's not the exact pronunciation, but you get the idea), and Isabella laughed audibly! She had a big grin, with her mouth open, and she was laughing out loud. I said show-show several times, at least five or six times, and she continued to laugh each time. Melted my heart entirely. Sweet, sweet baby.

This is the first time I heard her laugh!

Monday, December 11, 2006

12 Crazy Days of Christmas

We watched "12 Crazy Days of Christmas" in church yesterday. Quite entertaining.
12 Crazy Days of Christmas

Saturday, December 09, 2006

My fourth grade best friend, Abirami, is here!

Abirami moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, in the third grade, and some time in the middle of fourth grade, she started going to Cedar Bluff Intermediate School. Not long after that, we became best friends and we have kept in touch despite moves and geographic distances. She moved to Maryland after completing the fifth grade. She's moved again since that time.

At any rate, she got in last night for a visit. Girl time, girl time! Time to go shopping, watch movies, do some pampering activities (massages and stuff). Okay, bye!

An ornament for Isabella, made by Junko

Junko brought over an ornament that she made for Isabella. Looks great.

Took another picture of our tree last night.

Can you tell any difference from the last picture I posted? A light is turned on in this picture.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's up, it's up, our Christmas tree is up now!


This is the first time Troy and I (and now Isabella) have ever had a Christmas tree. Thought that we should have a Christmas tree, especially since we have a little one now. Junko came over this afternoon and helped (in a huge way) me put it up. YAY, YAY! Our Christmas tree is standing tall and bright.

More pictures of Isabella




I unstrapped Isabella from the Baby Bjorn, and she stayed asleep (which is a rarity) for about ten or fifteen minutes. Then she screamed like her mommy had abandoned her.


Isabella's smiling at Junko. These days, when I whip out the camera, Isabella immediate stops smiling and stares at the camera. Hmmm, must be a bit more creative to snap her smiles.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Benny is starting to die

Late morning, I was near the front door, where Benny (our goldfish) resides, and I saw him belly up. Not much later, he was swimming again. But, bottom floating upwards is the first sign that a fish is kicking the bucket. Soon Isabella will be entirely petless, at least for now.

Monday, December 04, 2006

More Christmas clothes for Isabella from friends

We are so excited about how considerate and generous friends have been with giving Isabella cute clothing for her first Christmas.

On Friday, when Isabella and I went to Manda & Johnny's for their small group, Manda gave us some clothes - a long sleeve romper or onesie and a pair of pants - for Isabella from Old Navy.

In case you have trouble reading or seeing what's on the onesie, here's a close-up shot:

Then, yesterday, Katia (of Katia, Jeff, and Naomi) gave Isabella an early Christmas gift, a beautiful dress and pair of shoes.

Though the dress and shoes will be huge on her (they are in the size 3-6 mos.), I don't want to return them because they look so adorable! I love them both.

Also at church, our friend Tracy (of Tracy and Dennis) gave Isabella the following two things: a cute Pooh onesie and a stuffed animal.

People are so awesome. Thanks everyone for such wonderful holiday clothing. Isabella will surely outshine her parents combined. Go baby!

Isabella in the purple dress

Isabella sported the purple dress I got for her yesterday at church. Everyone commented on how adorable she looks.


Friday, December 01, 2006

Isabella's new clothes, including a Christmas outfit

Yesterday, Junko and I went to Old Navy. Wanted to show her some outfits I'd been eyeing.

Isn't this cute? The dress/jumper comes with bloomers (the cute little things that go over the diaper). The outfit is on sale. Though this is a 0-3 mos. outfit, I went ahead and got it. Though she's nearing 2.5 months, she doesn't have very many articles of clothing to wear out. Besides onesies and snap shirts, she has a pair of jeans, a skirt, and one dress. That way, she'd have more to wear. Plus, the 0-3 mos. clothing is still pretty big on her. So, she may end up wearing 0-3 mos. clothing a bit past 3 months.

Junko, whom I'm calling Auntie Junko in front of Isabella, got her a Christmas outfit from Old Navy. Isn't it adorable?

Got socks to match the outfit (as well as other clothing as well).

Isabella will be better dressed at Christmas than her mommy and daddy! I don't plan on buying any new outfits for me for the holiday season.

getting ready to take Daddy to school


Isabella and I got ready to take Daddy to school this morning. Dressed her warmly; it was quite cold for South Texas. It was below 70 degrees in the house (we didn't turn the heater on last night).

a sweet smiling baby

Isabella's smiling more and more frequently at Mommy and others. Her smile totally makes my day! Hope these smiles make your day.