Monday, May 29, 2006

The Two Additions to Our Family Now Have Names

To find out what I've decided to name our new additions to the family - two goldfish that is.

Who have we got in the family at this time?

THE CHANG-NUNLEY FAMILY: (listed from oldest to youngest)
  • Niao Mi (cat).
  • Troy (hubby, daddy-to-be).
  • me (wife, mommy-to-be).
  • Benny (goldfish - the longer one).
  • Joon (goldfish - the shorter one).
  • munchkin-in-utero, yet to be named.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Manda & I Each Added to Our Respective Families!

Last night, I sadly bid farewell to Max, Manda's goldfish, as we brought him back to his home yesterday. I actually became somewhat attached to Max. Every day, I start by taking care of everyone else first . . . I get Troy's coffee ready. Then, I get Niao Mi's food and water ready. Then, I would open the blinds, turn on Max's light, and feed him.

Well, the sad farewell has a happy ending. Max got to go home. And, Manda and I upgraded our hot Friday night Target & HEB date to an even better Saturday night Wal-Mart & PetSmart date. This wasn't just any ole ordinary trip, though.

I was trying to be super cautious in determining whether I really wanted to add to Troy and my family (you know, avoid impulse buying). Took a look at fish gear at Wal-Mart. And, while Manda and I were at PetSmart and she was picking up a fish, I finally succumbed to Manda's influence and my desire to have some fish. Like, thanks a lot Manda-Manders.

I called Troy from PetSmart to make sure he really was okay with getting a couple of goldfish. And, off we went, to pick out our fish. Manda picked out one, to keep Max company. And, I picked out two. Manda actually gave me two goldfish; you are so very sweet. Thank you for the goldfish Manda-Manders! I just had to pay for the gear. Picked up some fish food, special water droplets, and Greek columns from PetSmart. Then, went back to Wal-Mart to pick up a junior aquarium and some natural rocks.

Poor goldfish. They're still getting used to the trauma.

I think they're still traumatized from being moved around so much last night.

And, they're still trying to decide whether this is a better home,
than PetSmart.

And, they're wondering why I keep flashing a bulb of light at them.

Soon, they'll know that I'm the papparazzi (sp.?).
And, they'll know our home is a much better place.

I'm still trying to decide on their names. I'll have to see what their personality is like, once they've overcome the shock of moving.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Manda's Goldfish

Manda's goldfish

Manda & Johnny have been gone out of town for a week, now. And I've been babysitting, er, I meant fishsitting, for Manda. She said that the goldfish doesn't have a name, yet, and my task is to give the goldfish a name before they come back home.

Well, perhaps Manda doesn't know this, but I love giving names to cute little creatures, even stuffed ones. This goldfish quit being nameless early on in my care. Without further ado, I present . . . Max!

package from Christine and Leeta!

Yesterday, a package arrived from Christine (my best friend, whom I know from Columbia, MO) and her mother-in-law (Leeta).

matching onesie, pants, and three burp cloths

Halo Swaddle SleepSack for a Newborn

Fisher-Price Aquarium Take-Along Swing

Looks like loads of fun, doesn't it?

Thank you so much Christine and Leeta! You are so thoughtful and sweet. I thank you on behalf of the little munchkin in utero, too.

I'm 24 weeks today!

Are you ready for pictures galore? I'm 24 weeks today! And, Troy was quite a sport; he took most of these pictures, with the exception of pictures of the both of us. I used a tripod to take those pictures. Enjoy!

What in the world is Troy thinking in this picture?

Troy's looking a bit happier here! Why not?! He's going to be a daddy.

My face looks VERY weird in this picture.

Which picture(s) do you like most, huh? Tell me!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Playing Games of Rummikub

Troy and I were playing some games of Rummikub tonight. Apparently, Niao Mi recognized that this was designated family time.

I've taught Troy how to call Niao Mi. And, yes, for all of you people who are skeptical about cats being smart enough to answer commands, I have taught Niao Mi to come on command! Cats are brilliant.

Troy and Niao Mi spend some quality time together,
after Troy called Niao Mi over.

Niao Mi and me.
Niao Mi laid against my right leg. Kind of awkward getting a picture.
He came to spend time with me after cozying up with Troy.

Yay for family time! I think the little munchkin in utero had fun, too.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Katia & Jeff's Baby Shower

Jeff & Katia (33 weeks)
The guests of honor at the baby shower, hosted by our church

all the pregnant women at our church -
from left to right:
Rhonda (37 weeks), Roxanne (39 weeks ?), Katia (32 weeks),
Jesse (33 weeks?), me (23 weeks)
By the way, Jeff (Katia's husband) took this picture.

a happy Katia

George & Rita

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dinner with the Teradas

Junko (left) & Jun (right)

On Saturday, April 1st of this year, Junko & Jun Terada engaged in operation rescue. They rescued two stranded people, Troy and me, from a vehicle that wouldn't start. Little did we know that we were being befriended by two wonderful people. They came in for tea after taking us home that night.

The next time Troy and I saw Junko was when she performed at the Taste of Asia on the UTPA campus. She told us the evening of April 1 that she'd be performing Friday, April 28. And, we made sure we attended that event.

Well, the super nice, hospitable, and generous couple had us over for dinner tonight. We had some deliciously scrumptuous Japanese food.

tempura in the making

This is Junko & Jun's cat, Tamarindo
I'm not sure whether he just craved our company, or he wanted a piece of the action (food)!

vegetables that are ready to go!

the tempura in a beautifully arranged display

tempura up close

delightful sushi!

jun, junko, & tamarindo

Thank you so much for being such wonderful friends, Junko & Jun; you're a huge blessing to us. Next meal is on us! Ready for some mouth-watering, tasty Hot & Sour Soup?!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ice Cream Date at Cold Stone

Troy and I just got back from an icecream date at Cold Stone Creamery!

Not long before Troy had gotten home, I was talking with Abirami about icecream. And, I told her one of my favorite desserts is to have chocolate icecream with strawberries mixed into it. Places like Cold Stone Creamery and Marble Slab Creamery serve such yummy sensations. Once Troy got home, while Abirami was still on the phone, I asked him whether we could go on an icecream date after dinner, and he was up for it! Yay. I don't think we've been there since the day we found out the gender of the baby.

Troy and me sitting outside of Cold Stone Creamery.
Oops, when I positioned the camera, I didn't notice the camera strap was in the way.

My icecream of choice - chocolate flavored icecream with strawberries mixed into it,
in the Like It Size.




Here we are again.
Still didn't notice the camera strap in the way of the shot, dang!

This is where we found Niao Mi when we got home, on our bed,
with his favorite toy (now a very ragged mouse).

He was too lazy to come and great us when we got home.
Either that, or he figured that he saw us only half an hour previously.

Home-Made Pizza for Dinner Tonight!

This past Friday, Manda and I went out on a hot date, to Target and HEB (a local grocery store). Thank goodness for her fabulous company. I was dying to get some stuff to eat (we run out of groceries pretty quick around the Lily-Troy household these days). And, I thought, even though Manda was stinking tired from working that day, if she'd come with me, I'd go ahead and do the grocery shopping for the upcoming week.

Figuring out what we need for the next week is no fun, especially since I have such a hard time figuring out what I want to eat. Manda made two wonderful suggestions, both of which I took! One suggestion was pasta with meatballs, which the four of us - Manda, Johnny, Troy, and me (well, four and a half) - had last night for dinner at Troy and my place. The second suggestion was to make pizza. I bought two ready to go pizza crusts. We had one pizza for lunch yesterday, and one for dinner tonight.

Here's the pizza I made for my hubby, baby, and me tonight. These pictures are dedicated to Abirami, since she requested pictures of what I had described to her in a conversation.

the pizza before cooking.

  • Boboli crust.
  • organic, shredded mozzarella cheese.
  • organic, shredded italian mix of cheese.
  • organic pizza sauce.
  • mushrooms.
  • pineapples.
  • a few pinches of red pepper flakes.
Troy and I do like mushrooms and pineapples on a pizza. It's scrumptuous. As my dad often says, "Try it! You'll like it."

the pizza after baking at 450 degrees for 10 min.

close-up shot of the cooked pizza.

The pizza was yummy yummy! Baby's doing a song and dance; she's so happy about the food.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

new lilies have crept up from the same plant!

2 new lilies from the same plant

Remember the picture of 3 lilies together? Well, the very same plant has produced two more flowers, a few weeks later. Gorgeous! You can see the flowers from before in the background. Don't want to pluck those seemingly dead flowers, especially since they're busy growing seeds right now.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Finally! A Down Pour of Rain in South Texas!!!

We've been basking (more like frying) in temperatures hovering in the lower 100s in the past few days. And today, we had hot and humid weather, which in other parts of the country, indicate rain. Here, deep in the bowels of Texas, better not hold your breath, hoping for rain. Rain is a very, very rare commodity here. The skies were turning a gray color, late afternoon. But, I've learned not to get excited, in hopes of approaching rain. Well, gladly, I was mistaken today. As I am typing rain is a pouring down here in the Valley. Thank the Lord for rain.

I know, I know, since it rarely ever rains here, that means we'll face an onslaught of mosquitoes once the rain stops. But, hey, can't have everything the way we want, right? I'll take the rain for now.

Monday, May 08, 2006

are three seeds forming in the three dying lilies?

check out the three bulges, one at the base of each dying/dead lily

Daddy taught me how to cross-pollenate the male and female in each flower. And, I attempted on two or three occasions, when the flowers were still quite gorgeous and alive, to do he cross-pollenation. I wonder whether my attempts were successful. Look at each of the green bulges. Are they signs of seeds that are growing? If so, I've got some potting to do in the near future.

Look out Manda, I have a present coming at you very soon, in exchange for the numerous plants you gave me recently. Are you ready for some gorgeous lilies to be passed on to you?

new lilies coming in and replacing the three dying ones

new lilies about to come

Seemingly, we have at least one new lily coming in to replace the three that are dying. Pretty neat, huh? And, this time, we have leaves to accompany the lily or lilies. Hooray.

The Boys Spending Quality Time Together

Troy and Niao Mi spending quality time together

When Troy and I were first married, Niao Mi didn't quite care for Troy. Given some time, Niao Mi got used to Troy. And, now, he loves Troy's company! Though Troy isn't the one that feeds him, Niao Mi loves to sit near Troy or sit on Troy's lap (should the opportunity arise). This is so cute!